Who Introduced Subsidiary Alliance?

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Who Introduced Subsidiary Alliance

The subsidiary Alliance was introduced by Lord Wellesley. The policy came into effect in the year 1798.  The subsidiary alliance was introduced in India during British colonial rule as a way to exert control over native rulers and consolidate their power. The subsidiary alliance allowed the British to exert control over the native rulers without having to annex their territories. Before Lord Wellesley, the system was actually introduced by the French Governor-General Marquis Dupleix. In this blog, we will talk about who introduced the Subsidiary Alliance.

Lord Wellesley

Lord Wellesley the Architect of Subsidiary Alliance

A subsidiary alliance was a treaty between the British East India Company and an Indian princely state, wherein the Indian ruler agreed to accept British protection in exchange for a British resident stationed at the state’s capital. This resident served as a political advisor to the ruler, effectively giving the British control over the state’s internal and external affairs.

  • The subsidiary alliance was first introduced by Lord Wellesley, who served as the Governor-General of India from 1798 to 1805. 
  • Wellesley believed that the alliance would help the British East India Company strengthen its hold over Indian territories.
  • It also prevented any potential uprisings against British rule.
  • One of the key consequences of the subsidiary alliance was the weakening of Indian princely states. By entering into alliances with the British, the rulers of these states became dependent on the British for their security and governance. 
  • This led to the erosion of traditional power structures and the eventual annexation of many princely states by the British.

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In conclusion, Lord Wellesley became the architect of introducing a subsidiary alliance in India. The policy marked a shift in the power dynamics between the British and the Indian rulers, ultimately leading the way for the formal colonization of India.

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