What is FOMO Full Form?

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The FOMO full form is Fear of Missing Out. The term is becoming increasingly popular these days. It means or it is a feeling of anxiety that results due to the fear of missing out on something. The term has gained a deeper value with the increasing use of social media. FOMO is the cause of stress as well among many individuals. In simple terms, the feeling of FOMO can be applied to the perception that others are living better lives, having more fun and opportunities than oneself

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Can FOMO Lead to Anxiety?

FOMO is a complex feeling phenomenon that has been linked with mental health as well. According to some studies FOMO is related to a range of negative life experiences and feelings as well. FOMO can lead to the following experiences: 

  • Lack of Sleep 
  • Emotional Tension
  • Anxiety 
  • Reduced life Competency 
  • Lack of emotional control
  • Negative effects or physical well being 

In terms of social media, FOMO is connected to the cognitive behaviours of compulsively refreshing social media sites and notifications and waiting for a message or update as a reward. Individuals have developed the need to be constantly engaged with the one-filtered nature of social media which can foster a negative self-comparison with the sort of distorted reality that exists over social media

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What can Trigger FOMO?

Triggers of FOMO could vary from person to person and could be the result of an individual’s core psychological needs not being fulfilled, especially relatedness: a closeness to others. 

The lack of connection with people might drive an individual to engage compulsively with social media creating an even more vicious web of FOMO. In simple terms, when a person feels detached from others they might log into their social media handle but then they end up seeing their peers being in a hyper-connected state which evokes more loneliness. 

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