What is the Full Form of RMS?

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Full Form of RMS

The full form of RMS is Railway Mail Service. It refers to a specialised postal system that operates within the Indian Railways network. It is responsible for the sorting, processing, and transportation of mail and parcels through the railway infrastructure across India.

The RMS has a long and significant history in India. It was established during the British colonial era in 1864, primarily to facilitate efficient communication and delivery of mail between different regions. Initially, the service was introduced on a few selected routes, but over time, it expanded its reach to cover a vast network of railway lines.

Objective of RMS

The primary objective of the Railway Mail Service is to ensure the prompt and secure movement of mail across the country. 

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Functions of RMS

Here are the key aspects of the RMS functioning:

Collection of Mail

  • Mail is collected from post offices and other postal establishments across the country.
  • It includes letters, parcels, registered mail, and other postal items.

Sorting and Categorisation

  • Highly trained postal staff sorts and categorises the mail based on its destination.
  • Sorting is done manually or with the help of automated sorting equipment.
  • The mail is organised into different compartments or bags for efficient handling.

Loading and Transportation

  • The sorted mail is loaded into specially designed mail vans or coaches attached to trains.
  • The mail vans have secure compartments and sorting facilities to ensure organised transport.
  • The mail vans are marked with “RMS” signage for identification.

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Onboard Sorting and Processing

  • Postal staff on board the trains further sort and process the mail during transit.
  • They ensure that the mail remains organised and secure throughout the journey.

Detachment and Local Sorting:

  • At designated railway stations, the mail vans are detached from the trains.
  • Local RMS staff takes charge of the mail vans and performs additional sorting.
  • They route the mail to the respective post offices or delivery centres for final distribution.

Delivery and Dispatch

  • The sorted mail is dispatched to local post offices for delivery to recipients.
  • Postal workers at the post offices carry out the final delivery to the intended recipients.
  • The RMS also handles the collection of outgoing mail from post offices for dispatch to other locations.

Monitoring and Tracking:

  • The RMS incorporates tracking systems to monitor the movement of mail throughout the process.
  • Barcodes, tracking numbers, and electronic systems help in tracking and tracing the mail’s progress.

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Collaboration with Postal Department

  • The RMS operates in close collaboration with the postal department and shares information and resources.
  • It works in coordination with other postal services to ensure seamless mail delivery.

Continuous Improvement and Modernisation

  • The RMS embraces technological advancements and adopts new processes for improved efficiency.
  • It explores automation, digitisation, and other innovations to enhance its functioning.

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