What is ODF Full Form?

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ODF full form

The ODF full form is Open Document Format. It is a zip-compressed, Extensible Markup Language (XML)-based open source file format. It is used to store and exchange text spreadsheets, charts, graphics and presentations. When you save files under ODF, they are termed OpenDocument. These files have easily recognizable extensions which are similar to the proprietary of Microsoft. The main purpose of ODF is to provide an open standard for data storage which transcends proprietary vendor formats and allows any software tool conforming to the standard access and also handle the ODF-based data. 

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What are the Uses of ODF?

ODF is a standardized format. We use it to store various types of data including documents and spreadsheets. Check out the other uses of ODF:

  • The ODF format is supported and maintained as an international standard. Thus, international standards bodies have agreed and reviewed a uniform document file format and content.
  • The standard is open source which makes it free and available to any software developer who wishes to support ODF in their software products. 

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What are the ODF Extensions?

First things first, filename extensions are simply tags attached to the filename. They are used to designate specific categories or data types in the file. These extensions also enable the software to sort files and help the software in understanding the type of data file which is opened and read. 

The ODF specification assigns a series of default filename extensions which include the following:

  • .ods and .fods for spreadsheets.
  • .odg and .fodg for graphics.
  • .odt and .fodt for word processing text documents.
  • .odp and .fodp for presentations.
  • .odf for formulas and mathematical equations.

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