What is the Full Form of WBU? Meaning & Examples

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WBU full form

The full form of WBU is What About You. It can also be used to refer to What ‘bout you. Ever come across the internet slang WBU and wondered what it stands for? Well, get ready to have some fun with this quirky abbreviation! It is the digital way of asking someone about their thoughts or opinions after sharing your own. Moreover, WBU can be used in each and every context across the spectrum! 

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What is the Answer to WBU?

Now that you know what WBU means, let us dip into the world of answers! When someone throws a WBU your way, it is now your chance to share your perspective and experiences, or simply return the question to them. Furthermore, it is like opening a door to a conversation filled with endless possibilities and surprises. So, next time you come across WBU, do not hesitate to jump in and share your thoughts with the rest of the world!

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Examples of Full Form of WBU Usage

Here are a few examples of the correct usage of WBU to help you understand it better:

Friend 1: Hey, What are you doing this Saturday?

Friend 2: Nothing much, WBU? 

Friend 1: How did you like the movie?

Fried 2: It was okay, could have been better. Wbu? What are your thoughts on this? 

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