Indo-Pak War 1965: Highlights, Dates & Outcomes

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indo-pak war 1965

Indo-Pak war of 1965 was the second battle in the timeline of Indo-Pak wars. The conflict was over the status of Jammu & Kashmir. Ironically, the conflict was unable to resolve the issue but the United States and the USSR got involved in the matter. The seeds for this major issue were sown back in 1947 after the partition of India and Pakistan. Jammu and Kashmir were a conflict region because the population there was mainly Muslim whereas the leader of the state was a Hindu. A section of Kashmir was given to Pakistan initially and the present-day Kashmir is what came to be known as Indian Kashmir after joining the Indian Republic. There were various battles that marked the Indo-Pak war in 1965, details about the same are mentioned below. 

Battle of Asal Uttar: 1965

Source: Hindustan Times

From 8 September 1965 to 10 September 1965 the battle of Asal Uttar was fought between India and Pakistan. Pakistani troops crossed the international border and occupied the Indian town of Khem Karan. Indian soldiers made a ‘Horse Shoe’ battle position and Asal Uttar was their focal point. This strategy helped them turn the battle in their favour. This is considered one of the greatest tank battles by war historians. 

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Battle of Hajipir

Source: BBC

The battle of Hajipur was also a great success and the troops achieved their capture objective remarkably. The Indian army moved with great speed and surprised the Pakistani troops with their attacks. This battle continued from 26th to 28th August 1965. It also marks a notable achievement in the Indo-Pak war because of how the objectives were achieved and the fact that the Indian Army mostly remained in a defensive position.  

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Battle of Phillora : 1965

Source: Past Daily

On the 10th of September 1965, Indian brigades launched an offensive attack on Phillora. This is near the Sialkot region of Pakistan. The outnumbered Pakistani troops retreated towards Chawinda amidst the intensive firing. On 14 September the Wazirwali region was captured by a wounded Indian Commanding Officer and his troops. Following this, Jassoran and Butur-Dograndi were captured on 16 September 1965. However, this attack was soon stopped as Indian forces faced a ceasefire from the other side. 

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