How did Jahangir Die?

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How Jahangir Died

Jahangir, also known as Nur-ud-din Muhammad Salim, was the fourth Mughal Emperor of India, ruling from 1605 until his death in 1627. He was the son of Mughal Emperor Akbar, his reign was marked by cultural achievements and expanding the Mughal Empire’s territory. He is known for his lavish lifestyle, artistic inclinations and intricate policies. However, Jahangir’s death remains shrouded in mystery and speculation. In this blog, we will delve into the question of how Jahangir died and explore the various theories.

The Illness of Jahangir

Jahangir was known to suffer from various health issues during his reign, including alcoholism and kidney stones. In the final years of his life, Jahangir’s health deteriorated rapidly, leading to intense pain and discomfort. Some historians believe that his ill health was exacerbated by excessive indulgence in opium and alcohol.

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The Official Account

Jahangir’s death was accounted for by historians and revealed that officials announced that he was travelling when he died.

  • The official Mughal chronicles state that Jahangir died of a sudden illness while on a military campaign in Kashmir.
  • According to these accounts, Jahangir’s health had been declining for some time, and his death was a result of natural causes.
  • While returning from Kabul and Kashmir, he severely fell sick with a cold and cough, making his move to Lahore.
  • Thus, while travelling to Lahore, Janagir took his last breath on 28th October, 1627.
  • He was buried in a magnificent mausoleum in Shahdara Bagh, near Lahore. The official cause of death was recorded as a sudden heart attack, but many historians believe there may have been more to his passing than meets the eye.

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Other Conspiracy Theories

One of the most popular theories surrounding Jahangir’s death is that he was poisoned by his own son, Shah Jahan, in a bid to seize the throne. Some sources even claim that Jahangir was assassinated by a group of conspirators within his court who were unhappy with his policies and rule.

While the official accounts paint a picture of natural causes, conspiracy theories and modern medical analysis suggest a more sinister and complicated narrative

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