What is the Full Form of POSH?

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Creating safe and inclusive work environments is of utmost importance in today’s world. To address the issue of workplace harassment and ensure the well-being of employees, organizations have enforced policies and measures to control and address such disgraceful incidents. One such initiative is POSH, an acronym that stands for Prevention of Sexual Harassment.

What is POSH?

POSH, also known as the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act, was presented in India in 2013. The act strives to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, encouraging gender equality and ensuring the safety of female employees.

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Features of POSH Act

Under the POSH Act, employers are required to create a secure working environment, free from any form of sexual harassment. Here are some important components of the POSH Act:

  • Policy

Employers must prepare a clear policy that defines sexual harassment, summarises prohibited behaviours, and provides guidelines for prevention, reporting, and redressal. The policy must be conveyed effectively to all employees and prominently displayed within the workplace.

  • Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

Organizations are directed to set up an ICC including both internal and external members. The committee is accountable for receiving and addressing complaints of sexual harassment, ensuring a fair and unbiased investigation, and taking suitable action against the perpetrator.

  • Awareness and Training

Regular awareness programs and training sessions on sexual harassment prevention are important for sensitizing employees about their rights, responsibilities, and the procedures to address such incidents. Such initiatives promote a culture of respect, inclusion, and accountability within the organization.

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Importance of POSH Implementation

Implementing POSH holds several benefits for organizations and their workforce:

  • Safe Work Environment: POSH ensures that employees feel safe, respected, and empowered in their workplaces. It creates an environment where everyone can flourish without fear of harassment, leading to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and retention rates.
  • Legal Compliance: By sticking to POSH regulations, organizations satisfy their legal obligations. Non-compliance can result in various penalties, damage to reputation, and potential legal liabilities.
  • Equality and Diversity: POSH supports the principles of gender equality and inclusivity. It acknowledges that all employees deserve equal opportunities and fair treatment, irrespective of their gender, and provides a framework to address any inequalities or discriminatory practices within the organization. 

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