What is the Full Form of ILO?

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full form of ILO

The full form of ILO is the International Labor Organization. The International Labor Organization was founded in 1919, headquartered at Geneva, Switzerland. ILO is the specialized agency governed by the United Nations that tackles the issues of labor worldwide. This organization is involved in promoting work opportunities and social protection of the labor community across the world. Basically, ILO is involved in activities related to the welfare of the labor and it works with governments, employers, as well as workers to upgrade their overall conditions.

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ILO Full Form: Mission and Impact

Promoting jobs and protecting people is the main mission of the International Labor Organization. This organization works for social justice, human and labor rights, fixing appropriate wages to laborers worldwide. 

It is the only ‘Tripartite’ United Nations Agency that brings all the parties involved in this sector together i.e. the government, employees and the employers. They all collectively frame policies, set labor standards and devise programmes for endorsing decent work for humans.

The Decent Work Agenda of the ILO has helped in upgrading the economic and working conditions.

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Structure of ILO

As you have read above that the basis of ILO is the tripartite principle, therefore its structure is composed of following bodies:

  • International Labour Conference
  • Governing Body
  • International Labor Office

This structure works in correlation with each other for the betterment, upgrading and employment of the people across the world.

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