Which Is India’s First Super Computer?

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Which Is India's First Super Computer

Installed in 1991, PARAM 8000 was India’s first supercomputer. It was made possible by the extraordinary efforts of C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Technology). After its launch, it became the second-fastest supercomputer while at first was USA’s supercomputer – Cray. PARAM 8000 was benchmarked at 5 Gflops and it costed around a fraction of what it costed to make Cray. 

At that time, it had happed for the first time that a developing nation had pulled off such a feat and that too with less cost. The fact that it became such big news at that time was because India was denied supercomputers by the West due to the fear that India would use the technology of the supercomputers to develop warplanes and nuclear bombs. 

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Which Is India’s First Super Computer

PARAM 8000 was India’s first supercomputer. India started laying emphasis on supercomputers in the 1980s as it is required in developing nuclear weapons and satellites. When India faced technology denial from the West, it set up the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) in March 1988 with the intention of developing an indigenous high-speed supercomputer in order to meet the Science and development-related needs.

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Then Prime Minister – Rajiv Gandhi appointed Vijay Bhatkar to lead CDAC to develop supercomputers with limited time and budget. In order to complete this herculean task, scientists from all over the country were called in order to help in this project. Within 3 years CDAC pulled off an impossible task and PARAM 8000 – India’s first indigenous supercomputer was rolled out. 

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Facts About India’s Supercomputers

Since the launch of PARAM 8000 in 1991 there have been many improvements in the technology done by the scientists of India. Due to the updation of technology, many advanced supercomputers have been launched in India, catching the attention of the world. The table below represents some noteworthy supercomputers that rolled out since 1991 in India: 

Name of the SupercomputerRelease YearRmax
PARAM Padma20021024 GFLOPS
PARAM Yuva200838.1 TFLOPS
PARAM Yuva II2013360.8 TFLOPS
PARAM Siddhi-AI20204.6 PFLOPS

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Which Is India’s First Super Computer?

India’s first supercomputer was PADMA 8000, developed by CDAC under the leadership of Vijay P. Bhatkar. As of 2022, in the PARAM series of supercomputers, PARAM Siddhi-AI is the fastest machine which is placed at rank 120 in the world’s fastest supercomputer list. 


Which Is India’s First Super Computer?

India’s first supercomputer was rolled out in 1991 by CDAC which was named PARAM 8000. 

Who developed the first supercomputer in India?

Vijay P. Bhatkar is known as the man behind India’s first supercomputer – PARAM 8000. He was appointed as the lead of CDAC by then Prime Minister of India – Rajiv Gandhi. Under his guidance, CDAC was able to develop India’s first indigenous supercomputer within 3 years and PARAM 8000 was thus launched in 1991, 3 years after CDAC was formed.

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