Why Was Indira Gandhi Assassinated?

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Why Was Indira Gandhi Assassinated?

The assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on 31st October 1984 sent shockwaves across the nation and the world. Gandhi was the first and the only female Prime Minister of India, but she met with a tragic end. Her bold political stands and reforms have always been her style for which she was also called the “Iron Lady of India”. On the day of 31st October 1984, while she was on her way to an interview, Indira Gandhi was shot dead by her own bodyguards named Beant Singh and Satwant Singh. In this article, let us know the reason why was Indira Gandhi assassinated.

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Theories Around Assassination

The tragic event of nearly 28 bullets piercing Indira Gandhi, left everyone in shock. She was moved to the hospital but gave up in front of her injuries and she breathed her last. Some theories that revolve around her assassination are – 

  1. Operation Blue Star Connection: One theory suggests that the assassination was a retaliation for Operation Blue Star, a military operation ordered by Indira Gandhi to remove Sikh militants from the Golden Temple in Amritsar between 1 and 10 June 1984. Sikhs felt deeply hurt and angered by the attack on their holiest shrine, leading to a deep sense of resentment towards the Prime Minister.
  2. Anti-Sikh Riots and the 1984 Massacre – Following Operation Blue Star, tensions between the Sikh community and the government escalated, culminating in the anti-Sikh riots in November 1984. The riots, which were orchestrated in retaliation for the assassination of Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards, resulted in the massacre of thousands of innocent Sikhs across the country. The failure of the government to promptly address the issue and bring the perpetrators to justice only added to the growing discontent among the Sikh population.
  3. Personal Vendetta: Some believe that the assassination was not politically motivated but rather a result of personal vendetta or grievances held by the two bodyguards against Indira Gandhi. This theory suggests that there may have been internal conflicts or disagreements that prompted the guards to take such drastic action.

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In the chapters of Indian history, Indira Gandhi’s assassination is marked as a red day that took the nation in shock. The impact of her death and the volatile nature of politics and diplomacy are still in question. 

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