Lokayukta in India: Appointment and States

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Lokayukta in India

Lokayukta is an institution with the responsibility of inquiring about the allegations against Public Functionaries in Delhi, the capital of India. The Lokayukta aims to create a government free from corruption, favouritism, and abuse of power by investigating public officials and promoting fair, honest practices. Furthermore, this improves efficiency and encourages public trust in the government’s leadership. In this blog, you will learn everything about what is Lokayukta, who appoints Lokayukta, and how many States have Lokayukta. 

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What is Lokayukta? 

The Lokayukta acts as an anti-corruption watchdog for each Indian State government. It investigates complaints and allegations of wrongdoing by public officials. Moreover, this helps ensure fair treatment for citizens and promotes a more trustworthy and efficient government.

AboutAnti-corruption authority
OriginInspired by the Ombudsman system in Scandinavian countries.
Recommended by the Administrative Reforms Commission (1966-70)
First State Maharashtra (1971)
AppointmentBy the Governor
Tenure5 years or until 65 years of age, whichever comes first. No second term.
IssuesThe Lokpal Act (2013) offers minimal guidance on Lokayukta’s structure and powers.
Investigations and resolving complaints take a long time.
Dependence on state funding and infrastructure can compromise independence.

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Who Appoints Lokayukta?

The Governor of the State along with the Chief Minister appoints Lokayukta. 

  • It is important to know that the decision is passed only after close consultation with the Chief Justice of the State High Court, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, and Chairman of the Legislative Council
  • Additionally, to ensure independence, Lokayuktas are appointed by retired judges and cannot be fired by the government. 
  • However, they can be removed through a State Assembly impeachment motion.

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How many States have Lokayukta?

The Lokayukta, an anti-corruption ombudsman, was established in Maharashtra in 1971. However, many States enacted the Lokayukta Acts before the central Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act of 2013. 

  • Notably, Odisha passed an Act in 1970 but it only came into effect in 1983. 

Currently, 20 States and 2 Union Territories (Delhi, and Jammu & Kashmir) have Lokayuktas.

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