What is the Full Form of KVB?

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KVB full form

The Full Form of KVB is Karur Vysya Bank. The bank is over 100 years old and was founded on the 25th of July 1916, in Karur, Tamil Nadu. However, it has evolved over the decades and now includes all the services related to personal, business, agricultural, and NRI banking. Moroever, KVB was set up by Sri Athi Krishna Chettiar and Sri M.A. Venkatarama Chettiar. As of March 2023, there are 799 KVB branches and 2240 ATMs and Cash Recyclers. The current Chairperson is Dr Meena Hemchandra and Mr. Ramesh Babu is the MD and CEO

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What are the Agricultural Services Offered by KVB?

Furthermore, in the agricultural sector, KVB has the following services:

1. Loans

  • Production loans: They cover numerous agricultural activities like cultivation, horticulture, animal husbandry, etc.
  • Daily agricultural expenditure loans: Additionally, to fulfill day-to-day needs like seeds, fertilizers, labor, etc.
  • Term loans: Long-term financing of agricultural equipment, land improvement, etc.
  • Gold loans: Moreover, using agricultural land or gold ornaments as collateral.

2. Other services

  • Kisan Credit Card (KCC): A special credit card for farmers with a lot of benefits.
  • Agricultural insurance: Protecting crops and livestock against potential risks.
  • Collection and transportation services: Encouraging movement of agricultural produce.

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What are the Agricultural Schemes Offered by KVB?

Additionally, the agricultural schemes offered by KVB are:

  • Green Card / Green Card Plus
  • Green Harvester
  • Green Trac Warehouse Receipt Loans
  • Time Norms for Agri Credits
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)
  • Social Security Schemes
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