What is the Full Form of PIO?

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PIO full form

The full form of PIO is a Person of Indian Origin. A Person of Indian Origin (PIO) means a foreign citizen (except a national of Pakistan, Afghanistan Bangladesh, China, Iran, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Nepal)

who at any time held an Indian passport
who or either of their parents/grandparents/ great grandparents were born and permanently resident in India as defined in the Government of India Act, 1935 and other territories that became part of India thereafter provided neither was at any time a citizen of any of the aforesaid countries ( as referred above);
Who is a spouse of a citizen of India or a PIO

Benefits of PIO Card

  • PIO card holders do not need a visa to enter India for 15 years from the day the PIO card was issued.
  • They are excused from registering with FRRO/FRO provided their stay does not exceed 180 days. if their stay does exceeds 180 days, they must register with FRRO/FRO within the next 30 days.
  • They have the same economic, financial, and educational privileges as NRIs, such as 
    • The acquisition, holding, transfer, and disposal of immovable properties in India, except agricultural/plantation properties.
    • Admission of children to Indian educational institutions under the general category quota for NRIs, including medical and engineering colleges, IITs, and IIMs, among others.
    • Taking advantage of various housing plans offered by the LIC of India, state governments, and central government agencies

All future benefits that would be available to NRIs would likewise be available to PIO card holders.
PIOs, on the other hand, have no job privileges in Government of India services and cannot occupy any constitutional office in the Government of India. Prior authorization is required for mountaineering, missionary operations, research, and visiting restricted areas in India.

Documents Required for PIO

The following documents are to be submitted along with a filled-in PIO application

  1. Existing / Expired Indian passport in original
  2. Any two or more of the following documents:-
    (i) Photocopy of expired Indian passport
    (ii) Original/Photocopies of the Indian passports of the parents or grandparents of the applicant
    (iii) Birth Certificate of the applicant and of the parents/grandparents of the applicant
    (iv) Nationality certificate of the applicant and of the parents/grandparents of the applicant
    (v) School/College leaving certificates of the applicant or parents/grandparents of the applicant

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