What is the Full Form of IRC?

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Full Form of IRC

The full form of IRC is Internet Relay Chat. Text message communication over the internet is done using this application layer protocol. Real-time message transmission is used. Although it was designed for group communication, it can also be used for file transfers and one-on-one private communication. It was the first chat system that allowed for communication between more than two users.

History of IRC

It was created by Jarkko Oikarinen in 1988. The networking model used by it is client-server. In order for the system to connect to the internet relay chat server, the user must install the IRC client on it. IRC server and IRC client are computer programs that are used to send and receive messages. It offers a special means through which various group discussions can take place.

Advantages of IRC

Below mentioned are the advantages of IRC:

  • This allows for the creation of private chat rooms.
  • It offers direct information exchange using the client-to-client protocol.
  • Numerous contacts and topics are available.
  • Real-time data exchange takes place.

Disadvantages of IRC

Below mentioned are the advantages of IRC:

  • Users may come across mistakes in the protocol’s behavior.
  • It might be hacked, a virus might spread, and criminal activity might rise.
  • There could be disorganization in some crucial channels.

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