What is the Full Form of AFO?

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afo full form

AFO Full Form: The full form of AFO is Agricultural Field Officer. The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection selects candidates to fill the positions of Specialist Officer (SO) and Agriculture Field Officer (AFO). The IBPS SO AFO Exam selection process consists of three stages: preliminary examination, main examination, and interview. In addition to the fixed income, the IBPS SO Agriculture Officer will receive other perks and advantages. 

IBPS AFO Job Profile

The Agricultural Field Officer (Scale I) and Specialist Officer (SO) positions at the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) are largely focused on promoting bank financial goods and services to farmers and landlords in rural areas for agricultural purposes. 

The position of Agricultural Field Officer is critical in the banking industry. The IBPS Specialist Officer AFO will be in charge of a variety of responsibilities.

  • Loans are disbursed to farmers, according to the IBPS AFO Job Profile.
  • The IBPS SO Agricultural field officer job description includes ensuring that agricultural loans are examined.
  • The job of the IBPS AFO SO officer is to increase rural financing.
  • The role of an IBPS SO Agricultural field officer includes investigating crop failure situations.
  • IBPS SO AFO Job Profile also include increasing awareness of the bank’s offerings in rural areas, notably among farmers.

IBPS AFO Salary 

The IBPS AFO compensation is determined by Scale 1. The SO AFO of the IBPS has a monthly wage of INR 23,700. As a result, the yearly salary for IBPS SO AFO is projected to be around INR 284,400. There is a probability that your compensation will be raised. Applicants would also receive IBPS AFO pay and benefits.

IBPS AFO Perks and Allowances

Applicants who are chosen for the IBPS SO AFO Recruitment, receive perks and various privileges. As a government position, the selected candidate receives a variety of IBPS AFO salary and benefits. The following is a list of IBPS SO AFO Perks and Allowances offered to workers.

IBPS AFO salary and perks 
City Compensatory Allowance0-4% (depends on location)
House Rent Allowance7%-9% (Location dependent)
Special Allowance7.75% (Scale I)
Dearness AllowanceRs 8605.88
MiscellaneousRs. 4100

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