What is the Full Form of ADO?

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Full form of ADO

The full form of ADO is Agriculture Development Officer. ADOs are employees of the state governments that work in the agricultural department. The position of ADO is that of an agriculture officer at the block level in the majority of Indian states. 

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All agricultural development officers (ADOs), who are block-level officials, submit their official work reports to the District Agriculture Officer at the district level and in accordance with the District Agriculture Officer’s rules. 

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The Job of Agriculture Development Officer (ADO)

  • The execution of government plans and policies pertaining to agriculture.
  • Make arrangements with the District Agriculture Office on behalf of the farmers in your block.
  • To ensure that the pertinent policies and plans are being implemented correctly, conduct inspections.
  • Must deliver the District Agriculture Office a report on all of his official activity.
  • To gather samples of agricultural crops and goods in order to take further action through his underlings.
  • To serve as the block’s coordinator for the continuing agricultural efforts in the several settlements.

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