How did Birbal die?

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how did Birbal die

Birbal often referred to as Raja Birbal was one of the Navratnas or Nine Jewels in the court of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Known for his wit, wisdom and sharp intellect, his tales are popular across India and have been passed down through generations. He earned the title of “Brahma Kavi” as a great poet and was the Chief Advisor to the emperor. In this blog, let’s dive in and learn more information about how did Birbal die. 

Birbal’s wit and humour are legendary, with many stories showcasing his cleverness and intelligence. Through his clever solutions to complex problems and his ability to see through deceit and deception, Birbal held a special position in the heart of Emperor Akbar.

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Death of Birbal

According to Badayuni, the historical writer of the Akbar’s court, Birbal was killed in the Battle of Malandari Pass.

The Yusufzai Afghan tribe had started a rebellion along the east bank of the river Indus against the Mughal rule, which was causing unrest in the region. The Mughal emperor, Akbar, decided to send troops to suppress the rebellion, but unfortunately, the troops suffered losses. So, he decided to reinforce the troops by sending Birbal, his trusted advisor, to the region. Birbal arrived at the site where the Afghanis had taken positions in the hills, and the Mughal army was preparing to engage in battle. 


However, the Afghanis were well-prepared and launched an ambush, which resulted in a heavy defeat for the Mughal army. Birbal, who was leading the reinforcements, along with over 8000 soldiers, was killed near Malandari Pass, Buner. The battle that ensued was known as the Battle of Malandari Pass.

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Birbal’s death was deeply mourned by the Mughal emperor. Akbar was deeply saddened by Birbal’s loss and expressed his grief by not consuming any food or drink for two days. He was anguished since Birbal’s body could not be found for a Hindu cremation, which was of great importance to the Mughals. Akbar proclaimed that this was his greatest tragedy since he ascended to the throne, as he had lost his most trusted advisor and friend.

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