How did Qutbuddin Aibak die?

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How did Qutbuddin Aibak die

Qutbuddin Aibak or Qutb al-Din Aibak, the founder of the Delhi Sultanate died in 1210 when he fell off a horse while playing the erstwhile polo horseback. His horse’s saddle pieced his ribs in Lahore in the game of Chaugan. He was also the author of the rule of the Muslims in the Indian territory. 

Qutbuddin Aibak 
NameQutb al-Din Aibak
RoleAuthor of Muslim rule in India, General of Muizz al-Din Muhammad ibn Sam of Ghor
BirthplaceNishapur, Turkestan, Kazakhstan
Early LifeSold as a Slave
Relationship with Muizz al-DinTaken under Muizz al-din’s wing, put in charge of the royal army

Qutbuddin Aibak’s Life

  • Ghori was assassinated in the year 1206 when Aibak was supposed to carry forward the reign and be called the de facto ruler of the Delhi Sultanate. Aibak was crowned in Lahore, Pakistan which he ultimately made the capital city of his reign. 


  • When he was sold as a slave in Persia, he eventually made his way to become a slave of Muhammad Ghor or the Muhammad of Ghori. He proved all his worth and made it to the military position of Ghori’s empire. 
  • Ghori annexed the area between the Ganga and Yamuna whereas his lieutenant Bakhtiyar Khilji had to cover the areas of Bihar and Bengal, and Aibak was given the task of covering the force of Rajput in central Delhi. 
  • Then in 1206, Ghori was assassinated and this is when the real power of Aibak stepped in. He became the first Muslim Sultanate in Northern India. He established the dynasty that came to be known as the Slave Dynasty also known as the Mamluk Dynasty. 
Contribution Details 
Mosques BuiltBuilt mosques in Delhi and other areas
TitleKnown as “Lakhbaksh” (meaning “giver of lakhs,” a title signifying generosity)
Qutb Minar Named after Sufi saint Khwaja Qutb-ud-din Bakhtiyar Kaki
Construction started: About 1192
Completed by Iltutmish (successor and son-in-law)
Height: 240 ft
Ground story built over ruins of Lal Kot (built by the Tomars)
Successor Son-in-law Shams ud-Din Iltutmish 

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Qutbuddin Aibak’s Successor

He was succeeded by Iltutmish, son-in-law of Aibak and he ruled the Ghurid regions of northern India from 1211 to 1236. Iltutmish was a slave born to a Turkish family in the central area and he turned out to be the greatest of the slave rulers of Delhi. He established the independence of the Delhi Sultanate under the Mamluk dynasty. 

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