Palakkad Fort History: Features, Facts, Timings & More

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Palakkad Fort history

Palakkad Fort is also known as Tipu’s Fort. It is a historic fort located in the heart of Palakkad town in Kerala, India. Built in the 18th century by Hyder Ali, the Sultan of Mysore, the original fort is said to have been existing since ancient times. Surrounded by the Sahyadri mountain range the walls tell the story of valour and yet have withstood the test of time. In this blog, we will delve into the details of Palakkad Fort history, features, facts and more.

Commissioned bySultan Hyder Ai
Also Known asTipu’s Fort
LocationPalakkad, Kerala
Timings8:00 am to 6:00 pm; Open Everyday
Entry Fee for fortFree Entry
CameraStill – Rs 20; Video Camera – Rs 50 

History of Palakkad Fort

  • Ancient records show that the king of Palakkad, Paliyath Achchan drifted away from the rule and umbrella of Zamorin. 
  • To safeguard his kingdom from the attack of Zamorin in 1757, he took the help of Mysore Sultan Hyder Ali, therefore taking advantage of the moment he took the fort under his control along with the area of Palghat.
  • The reconstruction of Palakkad Fort began in 1766 AD and was completed in 1769 by Hyder Ali.
  • The fort was strategically built at the gap in the Western Ghats mountain range, known as the Palakkad Gap.
  • From the period of 1768 to 1790, various forces were attacked but Tipu Sultan, son of Hyder Ali recaptured the fort each time.
  • The fort was finally taken over by the British administration in 1790 under the supervision of Colonel Stuart.
  • In the 1900s, the fort ultimately served as a taluk office for government purposes.
Palakkad Fort and moats

Features of Palakkad Fort

  • The fort is spread over an area of 60,702 square metres and is surrounded by a deep moat, which was once filled with crocodiles for added security.
  • It is a square-shaped fort with bastions at each corner also shaped in square.
  • There lies a stable which is believed to be used by Tipu Sultan for his army of horses and elephants and is known by the name Kota Maidanam.
  • The fort houses a Hanuman temple, Anjaneya Swami Temple (a small shrine), Vatia Shilavatika (a garden), Martyr’s column, a sub-jail and a small museum that displays artefacts and exhibits related to the history of the fort and the region.

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Facts About Palakkad Fort

  • Palakkad Fort is one of the best-preserved forts in Kerala telling the story of brilliance and courage.
  • An open-air auditorium named “Rappadi” is currently under the Archeological Survey of India’s preservation.
  • The moat surrounding the fort is now dry and serves as a recreational space.
  • The fort also now hosts cricket matches and shows on its ground.

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Timings of Palakkad Fort

The timings for visiting the Monument and watching the mesmerising views are as –

Entry8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Week EntryEveryday
Entry FeeFree
CameraStill Camera – Rs 20; Video Camera – Rs 50 

The fort has been featured in several movies and documentaries, highlighting its historical significance. In conclusion, Palakkad Fort is a treasure trove of history and heritage that offers a glimpse into the past glory of Kerala. With its strategic location, architectural splendour, and historical significance, the fort continues to be a symbol of pride for the people of Palakkad. 

Palakkad Fort walls

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