What is the Full Form of UFO?

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UFO full form

The full form of UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object. They are objects that appear flying in the sky that are not that familiar to our eyes. The term UFO conjures up images of extraterrestrial beings like aliens, Area 51, and whatnot due to conspiracies and cinema! However, most sightings seem to be in the USA, though no facts or proof has been brought forward to the public. Additionally, most people believe that they could just be experiments conducted by the military. Another perspective is that people may term things they do not recognize at once as UFOs. 

Fascinating Fact! The 2nd of July is celebrated as World UFO Day

Origin of Unidentified Flying Object

The term UFO was coined in the 1950s, though strange aerial sightings were noted throughout history.

  • The Modern UFO concept emerged in the mid-20th century with widespread reports and media attention.
  • Additionally in the year 1947, a pilot, Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine unusual objects near Mount Rainier, often cited as the start of the modern UFO phenomenon.
  • The term includes diverse unexplained aerial sightings such as bright lights, glowing orbs, and traditional spacecraft-like objects.
  • Lastly, despite years of investigation, many UFO sightings are still a mystery.

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What are the Types of UFOs?

Furthermore, there have been various types of UFOs that have been witnessed by people, some are:

  • Disk Shaped Objects: They have been seen the most by people. Moreover, they have a dome at the top and a disk (saucer) at the bottom.
  • Glowing Circle: These look like circles that seem to glow as well as move across the sky. 
  • Elongated Objects: They are usually long and slender in shape. However, at times it is said that they could have been meteors or comets passing through.  
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