Who Killed Aurangzeb?

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Who Killed Aurangzeb?

In the year 1707, the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, also known as Alamgir, took his last breath in Ahmednagar. Aurangzeb’s death sparked speculation and theories about who might have been responsible for the demise of one of the most powerful rulers in Indian history. The sixth Mughal emperor is known for his rigid policies, religious intolerance and ruthless tactics. Let’s delve into the various perspectives and uncover the truth behind the question, “Who killed Aurangzeb?”

Theories Surrounding Aurangzeb’s Death

Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb is believed to have died on the morning of 20th February 1707 and is buried at Khuladabad, a sculpture which was built by himself. Some of the theories about his death are – 

Theory 1: Natural Causes

One of the most prevalent theories suggests that Aurangzeb died of natural causes. At the age of 88, after a long and tumultuous reign, it is possible that the emperor succumbed to old age and related illnesses. Chronic illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, and kidney failure have been cited as possible causes of his demise.

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Theory 2: Sons’ Conspiracy

Another theory suggests that Aurangzeb’s sons, particularly Azam Shah and Muhammad Kam Bakhsh, might have conspired to eliminate their father in a bid to claim the throne. The succession struggle within the Mughal royal family was a common theme throughout the empire’s history, and Aurangzeb’s harsh treatment of his sons during his reign only fueled their desire for power. Some accounts hint at a poisoning plot orchestrated by the ambitious princes to secure their positions as the next Mughal Emperor.

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Theory 3: Political Enemies

Aurangzeb’s long and controversial reign was marked by constant warfare, economic challenges and religious conflicts. As a result, he had garnered many enemies, both within and outside the empire. Some historians speculate that Aurangzeb’s death might have been orchestrated by his political rivals, including the Marathas, Rajputs, and various regional powers that had clashed with the Mughal Empire during his rule. 

In conclusion, while some accounts attribute his death to natural causes, others point to familial intrigues or political conspiracies. The truth behind Aurangzeb’s demise may never be fully known. The mystery of who killed Aurangzeb remains a topic of debate among historians and scholars. While there are various theories and speculations surrounding his death, conclusive evidence is lacking.

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