What is the Full Form of IMAO?

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imao full form

IMAO full form is In My Arrogant Opinion. It is used as internet slang, often on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Internet users tend to share their opinion and shorten the phrases such as “to be honest” into “tbh”. Similarly, IMAO is a further derivation from the slang “IMHO” which means “in my honest opinion”.  The inclusion of the word “arrogant” implies that the user of the slang aims to share an opinion in a straightforward and harsh setting. The opinion can be controversial or arrogant, or trivial and humourous, but completely subjective. The usage of slang such as IMAO should be constricted to informal settings and should not be used in a professional environment. 

Early Usage of IMAO

One of the first occurrences of the usage of IMAO full form, which is “In My Arrogant Opinion”, can be traced back to May 1989 on Usenet, in a jam band The Grateful Dead discussion.  David Vinayak Wallace, the name of the user said, “OK then, let me cast some kerosene onto the fire. IMAO this is how I would rate…”. They were talking about the different periods of the band’s career history. In that year, IMAO was then used 8 times on Usenet. In the following 4 years, the abbreviation had been widely used. Presently, a lot of internet users use IMAO ironically and in self-deprecating humour. 

Source: Julien Miquel on Youtube

Examples of IMAO on the Internet 

To help you get a better idea about the usage of IMAO, Twitter users are here at your disposal. Below mentioned is a range of tweets that use this acronym, IMAO, often in a humorous tone. 

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