What is the Full Form of SG?

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The full form of SG is Sanspareils Greenlands. It is a cricket equipment and clothing manufacturer from India. SG specializes in manufacturing vast cricket equipment and the company also makes the Red Ball used in all First-class cricket matches and Test Cricket matches held in India. Let us take a look at its history and the wide range of manufactured products.

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History of SG

In 1931, SG was founded in Sialkot, India by two brothers Dwarakanath Anand and Kedarnath Anand. They were originally from Lahore where they used to apprentice in their uncle’s sports shop and then went on to establish the SG company to help in the exports of their products. After the partition of India, the entire Anand family first moved to Agra and settled in Meerut in 1950. 

What are the Products Manufactured by SG?

  • Bats 
  • Balls
  • Bags 
  • Shoes
  • Protective Gear 
  • Cricket Apparels 
  • Cricket Accessories
  • Str8batsensor 

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Interesting Fact about the Red Ball

  • Since 1994, the Red Ball made by SG has been used in all Test cricket matches in India.
  • The ball is stitched by hand and has a more noticeable seam due to the use of a thicker thread during stitching.
  • While its prominent seam makes the ball last longer, the ball does not swing earlier but begins swinging later.
  • The seam provides a firm grip for the spinners and additional control for the fast bowlers.

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