What is the Full Form of RTR?

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RTR full form

The full form of RTR is Record to Report. RTR is basically used in the accounting and finance sectors. It is the process of recording all the financial activities of the company i.e. money transactions and financial reporting of an organization. RTR is also referred to as R2R. It is the accounting management process that includes the collection, processing, and presentation of financial records in a particular format of the organization. The key role of RTR is to offer strategic operational and financial feedback to the management and stakeholders so that they can analyze the performance of the company.

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RTR Sub-process

Thus, RTR plays a crucial role in investment, decision-making, maintaining inventory, and other such major financial activities of any organization. The other sub-processes are also involved such as:

  • Data entry of the financial transactions
  • Maintaining the general ledger
  • Reconciliation of the data
  • Maintaining the month-end and year-end closing so as to start a fresh financial year
  • Financial reporting i.e. preparation of income statements, balance sheets, as well as cash flow statements
  • Financial analysis to provide insights into financial performance and support decision-making
  • Ensuring compliance with standards and preparing the regulatory report for stakeholders. 

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Other Full Forms of RTR

Mentioned below are some of the other full forms of RTR:

  • Ready to Run
  • Real-Time Resolution
  • Receiver
  • Return to Reference
  • Right to Represent
  • Racing Throttle Response
  • Revised Technical Report
  • Response to Request

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