What’s the Full Form of PP?

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full form of pp

What’s the full form of PP? You might have seen this abbreviation in various contexts, such as documents, emails, websites, games, etc. But what does it actually stand for? Well, the answer is not so simple, because PP can have different meanings depending on the situation. Read on to know some of the most common full forms of PP and their explanations.

Full Form of PP: Per Procurationem

One full form of PP in legal terms is Per Procurationem, a Latin term that means “through management”. In simple words, it refers to a person acting on behalf of another person. Commonly used in legal documents, an individual signing a document with PP indicates that they are acting as a substitute for another individual and signing it in their absence.

People can choose to sign a document per procurationem for various reasons, like the original person being out of town, sick, injured, or simply not having the time. Per procurationem allows individuals to sign the document in case of an emergency or unavailability. 

Before signing a document per procurationem, it’s advised to have the proper authority clearance and the original signer’s permission to do it. Doing this will prevent the co-signer from being held responsible for any misinterpretations.

Past Participle

Another common full form of PP is Past Participle, a form of verb used to describe past actions that are now complete with “has”, “had”, and “have”. For instance, the verb “eat” becomes “has eaten” in the past participle.

This verb form helps form perfect tense, which is used to describe past actions that are continuing to happen in the present. Saying “I have read the book” implies that the reader has finished reading and has the book with them, or might be in the process of reading it again.

Past participle verbs help in jotting down experiences in a more nuanced, detailed way, bringing more sophistication and depth to a piece of writing. It also enhances writing by making it sound more lyrical or poetic. 

Public Prosecutor

Another legal full form of PP is Public Prosecutor, a person who prosecutes criminal cases on the government’s behalf. Their duties include providing evidence to the court and arguing in their case’s support. While generally appointed by the government, public prosecutors can also work independently as private practitioners.

In several countries, public prosecutors provide legal advice to the government and its agencies, This can range from offering guidance in legislative proposals and preparing briefing papers to providing legal options to civil servants. Their other duties include training other lawyers in their fields of expertise.

To become a public prosecutor, one must:

  1. Have a law degree from an accredited law school
  2. Clear the bar exam of the state where you want to practice.
  3. Must be a quick thinker and a decision-maker under pressure.

Other Full Form of PP

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, there are other full forms of PP, such as:

  1. Per person
  2. Profile picture
  3. Power plant
  4. Public place
  5. Private place
  6. Physical presence
  7. PowerPoint
  8. Parcel Post
  9. Prepaid
  10. Ping pong
  11. Peter Pan
  12. Personal Property

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So this was all about the full form of PP and its different meanings in different contexts and scenarios. Want to learn more full forms like these? Find 300+ full forms list on our blog. In the world of short forms, you can rely on the Leverage edu page to know about more full form like this! Connect with us study abroad experts to achieve your international dream today!

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