What is the Full Form of DTS?

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The full form of DTS full form is Digital Theater Systems. In simple words, it refers to a series of multichannel audio technologies, owned by DTS, Inc. DTS focuses on digital surround sound formats for commercial and consumer applications. Moreover, it is known for its immersive cinematic experience which takes listeners to a new imaginary place. You should definitely read this blog if you want to know more information about DTS!

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About DTS

DTS was founded in the year 1993 by Terry Beard in opposition to its ultimate competition in surround sound, Dolby Labs. although the company started its consumer hardware in 1996, it got its break when Steven Spielberg chose DTS for his popular science fiction movie, Jurassic Park. It was earlier known as The Digital Experience until 1995. By offering four times less compression and digitizing audio at 20 bits, DTS offers a much richer sound experience. 

Tessera Holding Corporation took over the DTS company in December 2016. It was then renamed as Xperi Corporation. 

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Key Features of DTS

Here are a few impressive features of DTS you should know about:

  • As mentioned above, DTS is known for its immersive and heightened sound quality which makes the overall experience more enjoyable.
  • DTS does not require a specific speaker layout.
  • The most basic version supports 5.1- channel audio whereas the more advanced versions support up to 7.1- channels. 
  • Unlike other similar options, DTS supports higher bit rates of up to 1.5Mb/s. 

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