What is the Full Form of INC?

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The full form of Inc. is Incorporated. Inc. is used with a company’s name. This means a firm or factory has been transformed into a legal corporation and completed all the needed legal procedures. Read this blog if you want to know more about Inc. 

Ownership in an Incorporation

The ownership of the company is divided in the form of shares. In this structure, the shareholder’s responsibility is normally only limited to the number of shares that they hold. At the same time, the shareholders will not be liable for any debts and obligations that the company holds. 

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Are all corporations ‘Inc.’?

All corporations are “Inc..” However, this is not true for all business entities as all of these entities are not corporations. One of the most common alternatives is to form a limited liability company. These companies have an “LLC” after their business name instead of an “Inc.”

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Difference between Inc. and LLC

Both Inc. and LLC are legal entities that create a distinction between the owners and/or shareholders of a business. It can be difficult to understand the differences between an Inc. and an LLC. This is because LLCs can also select an IRS that can be taxed as a C corporation or a S corporation.

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