What is the Full Form of BTS?

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BTS full form

The full form of BTS is Bangtan Soneyeondan. It is a South Korean boy band that consists of seven members who are renowned globally for their amazing music tracks and exceptional live concert performances. Ever since its debut in 2013, it quickly rose to popularity and also started being recognized as the pop icon of the 21st century. 

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Who are the BTS Members?

The BTS band is widely loved for providing music lovers with everything from hip-hop to K-pop and EDM. Here are the important details about the band members, each known for their unique achievements.

Real name Stage name Role 
Kim NamjoonRap Monster / Real MeLeader of the Band, Lead Rapper, and Lyricist
Kim SeokjinJin Oldest member of the group 
Min YoongiSuga He was an underground rapper before joining BTS.
Jung HoseokJ-HopeA single from his mixtape Daydream crossed 69 million views on YouTube.
Park Jimin
Jimin He is a trained Dance student who graduated from Korea Arts High School. 
Kim TaehyungVOriginally belonged to a middle-class family and gained fame after joining BTS. 
Jeon JungkookJungkook He is the youngest member of the band.

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What is BTS Full Form on Instagram?

Another popular full form of BTS in the context of social media is Behind the Scenes. This acronym is most commonly used when a user wants to share what really goes on behind the curtains during a product launch, concert, and other such events. In other words, it is like offering other users a sneak peek to provide a more candid experience.

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