What is OST Full Form?

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OST full form

The OST full form is Original Sound Track. The OST act as a piece of recorded music that is synchronised to motion video, books, television, pictures, radio, drama and even video games. It is popularly used in the movie industry in the post-production of the film adding the specific music score of the movie. The purpose of using an OST is to make a movie, drama, book or game more interesting, it is known to add entertainment value to the multimedia. It functions as an audio recording with dialogues, music tracks and special effects. 

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How did OST Become Popular?

The function of the soundtrack came into consciousness and recognition around the world in the late 1940s. This was because of the introduction of “Sound Track Albums”.  Initially, the purpose of soundtracks in the music and film industry was to use them as promotional ad for their new film. 

They were advertised as “music from the original motion picture soundtrack”. With this more and more people came to recognise the term and function of the Original Sound Track. They are the music score specific to the film, drama, book, etc.

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What are the Types of OST?

The following are the various types of OST:

  • Film Score Albums 
  • Video Game Sound Tracks
  • Book Sound Tracks
  • Movie and Television Sound Track 
  • Event Sound Track 
  • Composite Film Sound Track 

Movies generally have background music or instrumental music matching the theme of the film and thus, is known as Film Score. Musical films often concentrate on songs from the movie and represent the musical theatre version of the film. While some old literature movies like Romeo and Juliet were a combination of both music and dialogue. Vido games on the other hand use more sound effects rather than specifically using using music, songs or dialogues. 

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