What is the Full Form of TDP? 

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The full form of TDP is Total Distribution Points. It is a type of measurement that provides valuable insights about the performance of your overall brand or a specific product. TDP can help business owners draft a successful product assortment strategy that makes the most out of their resources and saves costs. Below we have mentioned the advantages of calculating TDP as well as other popular full forms of TDP. Let’s get started. 

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Advantages of Calculating TDP 

Here are a few advantages of calculating total distribution points for your business:

  • TDP is a type of POS or point-of-sales data that provides businesses with a clear picture of their performance. 
  • It can help businesses to understand and improve the growth of their distribution network. 
  • By calculating TDP, brands can identify new distributors to expand their reach and increase sales.
  • Businesses can use these insights to optimize product assortment.
  • It can also help locate stores that are running out of stock.
  • Improved customer satisfaction is another essential advantage of calculating TDP.

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Other Full Forms of TDP

  • Telugu Desam Party- It is a regional political party in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. 
  • Thermal Design Power- Also known as a thermal design point, it refers to the maximum heat produced by any part of a computer (often a CPU). 
  • Torsades de pointes- Torsades de pointes refers to a rare type of disease that involves irregular or unusually fast heartbeat.

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