Music Production Courses

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Music Production Courses

Music has always been considered as a unique art form. Since ancient times, it has been seen as the source of initiating mediation between God and the godly spirits. This comes from the fact that the word music is derived from the terms ‘Mousike’ which is literally translated as “the art of muses” in the Greek language. Singing was seen as a way of revering and invoking the gods and goddesses of music, dance, and art. This tradition continues even now in certain parts of the world, like in India, we invoke Goddess Saraswati who is considered to be the Goddess of music and each year, we seek her blessings by singing prayers. Aspiring for a career in a field like Music would demand utter dedication and passion towards this art form. Music is not only used to praise gods but to convey emotions that often can’t be expressed through just words. To grasp the knowledge of music, its genres and how it is perceived in different cultures and countries as well as its technical aspects, there is a varied range of Music Production courses offered across the globe to those wanting to become a musician. Through this blog, we will elaborate what Music Production as a career field entails, what are the offered courses you can pursue, top universities as well as the job opportunities you can choose from.

What is Music production?

Music has a high demand in today’s world. Music production deals with the creation of a recorded music project like a track or an album. A music producer is a person who manages every aspect of music production, including but not limited to song recording, arrangement, edits and instruments to be used. His role plays an important part in the process of creating the song or album, directly contributing to its success or failure.

Music is produced when different sounds are intermingled in a way that is soothing to the ears. Musical compositions are created with the amalgamation of melody, rhythm, and lyrics in a harmonious manner. This age-old art form has taken an interesting path of twists and turns that have led to the creation of a varied range of genres based upon the kind of music, its language as well as use of instruments and techniques. Adding to it, the current technological advancements have brought innovations in terms of production of music which has further enticed many to build a career in this field. This has further resulted in more students opting for Music Production courses to explore opportunities in the media and entertainment industry.

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What do you Study in Music Production?

Music Production courses incorporate several facets of different processes of music compositions such as sound recording, mixing and mastering. While the course curriculum might vary as per the type of degree you are opting for, they centrally focus on teaching students about the science of sound along with equipping them with the techniques of music production using instruments as well as digital applications. Completing a course in Music Production, you can choose to work in a wide range of industries like television, radio, film, etc. You can also look forward to joining bands who regularly organize live shows wherein you would deal with live performances and productions. 

Music Production Syllabus

The specific syllabus for music production may vary from college to college or the choice of course. Listed below are the generic topics covered under music production – 

  • Keyboard harmony
  • Fundamentals of Music Production
  • Technical & aesthetic aspects of Sound
  • Sound manipulation techniques
  • Foley recording
  • Dubbing
  • Recording, editing, and mixing sound techniques
  • Recording technology
  • Training in listening & analysing sound
  • Elements of Music

Requirements for Becoming a Music Producer

Although this is a more skill-based career path, getting a degree in music production is one of the key qualifications for a successful career. A music production course, along with providing a basic knowledge of the different processes of music production, can also provide you with connections with the industry since many of the instructors of the music production courses are often established professionals in the field. You also gain experience in music production during the course.

Other than a music production course, a would-be music producer also needs some skills like creativity, strong listening and social skills, familiarity with different audio equipment, software etc. for attaining success in the music industry.

List of Music Production Courses 

There is an array of Music Production courses available across the globe varying from the type of degree to the education level. Moreover, students can choose from a Bachelor of Science (BS) to Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) when it comes to bachelor’s programs in Music Production and all these different degrees cater to a distinctive aspect of Sound and Music Production. Also, there are plentiful diploma courses and master’s programs available in this field as well. To help you weigh down your varied choices, here is a table that enlists the plethora of bachelor’s, master’s and short-term courses offered in Music Production.

Education Level Music Production Courses
Bachelor’s Degree B.A. (Honors) Creative Music Production,
B.A. (Honors) Music Production,
B.Sc. Sound Engineering and Music Production,
Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production,
B.A. (Honors) Music, Performance and Production,
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Sound Design 
Master’s Degree M.A. Music Production,
MSc Sound and Interactive Games,
MSc Audio Production
Diploma Diploma in Music (Music Production)
Diploma of Music Industry (Music Production)
Higher Diploma in Music Performance
Diploma of Sound Production
Diploma of Electronic Music Production and Performance
Diploma of Music Production and Sound Engineering 

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Online Music Production Courses

There are some music production courses that you can pursue online from the comfort of your home. Online courses are best for you if you want to explore your interest in the field before going for a bachelor’s or masters course, or if simply you want to hone your skills by learning the approaches to music production. The only drawback of such courses is that you won’t receive as much in-depth knowledge of practical approaches as a classroom course offers. But this drawback can be overcome through opting for some internships or training programs to apply and enhance the learnt skills. Below is a list of some of the popular online music production courses that you can go for:

  • The Electronic Music Production Series
  • The Art of Music Production
  • Music Production I
  • The Technology of Music Production
  • Music Production Secrets
  • Learn Music Production Essentials
  • Music Production for Beginners
  • Music production Program online

Top Universities for Music Production Abroad

While browsing through the long list of Music Production courses offered around the world, it is important that you also explore the major institutions offering these programs. Here is a list of leading universities that provide an assorted range of short-term and degree courses in Music Production:

University Country
Institute of Contemporary Music Performance UK
Ohio University USA
SAE Institute Australia
University of Arts, London UK
Northwestern University USA
Australian Institute of Music Australia
University of York UK

Top Music Production Colleges in India

For those who wish to pursue music production courses in India, listed below are the top colleges in India –

  1. KM Music Conservatory
  2. Delhi School of Music
  3. Calcutta School of Music
  4. Madras Music Academy
  5. Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music
  6. Shankar Mahadevan Academy
  7. Prayag Sangeet Samiti

Career Prospects

After successfully completing Music Production courses, you would be equipped with the vast knowledge of the recording industry and how music composers create fantastic compositions that end up becoming classic masterpieces. There are several career profiles you can discover in the field of Music Production such as,

  • Record Producer
  • Composer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Theatre Composer
  • TV or Film Sound Technician
  • Sound Designer 
  • Music Producer 
  • Post-Production Coordinator 

Hence, if you are passionate about making music and carving your artistic impression on the world, then you should definitely pursue Music Production courses to learn about the varied processes of how compositions are made, mixed and brought to the audience. If you are planning to pursue a program in Music Production abroad, get in touch with our experts at Leverage Edu and we’ll help you choose a suitable course and university that will equip you with the right knowledge and exposure into this field thus helping you carve your path towards a rhythmic future.

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