How to Develop the Perfect Content Writer Resume

Content Writer Resume

Have languages have always been your strong point and you have the ability to spot a mistake from afar?. If you feel your passion for words is strong and you can write a line or two with perfect ease, then you are the right candidate for a content writing job profile. But before that, you need to perfect your content writer resume to make the world see what you already are! To achieve what you wish to in the field of content writing, you need to leave an imprint on the judgement of your recruiter and there is no better way to do that than with a perfect content writer resume. Read this blog to know how to write the perfect content writer resume!

What is a Content Writer Resume and why do you need it?

When you apply for a job, your resume does the talking for you. If you were to apply for the job of a content writer then your content writer resume would introduce you to your recruiters. Your content writer resume will also help them recognise you as a potential candidate for the job. 

Your Content writer resume should be exhaustive and interesting to read. Here are a few points you should keep in mind while you write your content writer resume :

  • Write down things that you do – vis a vis what you are looking for in a job
  • Stitch your resume together in a way that it suits the position you are applying for
  • Write a creative Cover Letter
  • Aim for a resume which is just one page long

What to Mention in your Resume?

Before we break down the components of a perfect Content Writer Resume, let us first go through the nitty-gritty of writing a good resume:

  • Add a cover letter with your resume. For a content writer, this is the best way to explain who they are and what they can bring for the company.  
  • Make your resume stand out with a touch of creativity. If not others, it is expected from you.
  • You have to become a grammar Nazi while going through your own resume.
  • Tweak your resume based on the job profile. 

Sections of Content Writer Resume

A content writer resume consists of different sections, each of which put across the many details of your professional experience and educational qualifications. You can also mention the awards and accolades you have received in the past. Mentioned below are the main sections your content writer resume needs to have :

  • Your personal information
  • Title of your profile
  • Objective
  • Education 
  • Key skills you have 
  • Professional experience 
  • Awards and certificates (if any)

Resume Components

Here are the components that are must to include in your resume:

Personal Information

Your personal information is one of the most important detail in your content writer resume. It will help your recruiters get in touch with you in case of a possible shortlist. Mentioned below is a short list of the ideal personal information your content writer resume should have:

  • Contact or Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Current location
  • You can also add details such as your gender, date of birth, etc.

Title of your profile

  • Your current post or designation
  • The industry you specialise in
  • Your work experience in your line of work


The objective of your resume should bring forth what you have to offer in terms of services to the company or organisation and then move to what you expect from the organisation.

This section constitutes an important part of the Content Writer Resume. It should include your professional goals or skills collated in just 3-4 lines. The objective should give an idea to the recruiter of what you are planning to bring on the table more and not what you want from the organization. 

Example for freshers: An enthusiastic and dedicated Mass Communication graduate seeking entry-level Content Writing position at XYZ Pvt.Ltd. 

Example for Professionals: Content writing expert in B2C Communication who is adept at delivering SEO compliant blogs, newsletters, and articles on digital and print platforms. 


Each job profile you apply to needs to know the education you have and the institutions you have studied in. understanding your education qualification is important, therefore, it should be put across clearly. The education section of your content writer resume should contain the following:

  • Name and location of the school you attended
  • Name and location of the college/university you attended
  • Enrollment number and graduation dates

Starting from your higher secondary school, this section should include all the degrees or relevant diploma programs you have completed. It should be written in a reverse-chronological order i.e. The latest qualification should be written first. 

Key Skills

By segregating your skills into subsections you can mention the details of all the skills you have in your content writer resume. It can be divided into technical, professional and social media.

This is the section where you can show your competencies as a Content Writer and customize your skills as per the job profile. To make it look more striking, you can segregate your skills into different subsections like technical, professional, and social media. Remember to add your strongest skills first with relevant examples.

For example, Completed 30 blogs in a week instead of writing “can work under pressure”. 

Professional Experience

One of the main important features of your resume is your professional experience. You must keep the following in mind while writing your professional experience.

  • Make short and crisp points 
  • Bold them where needed
  • Highlight the important information

Certificates (If any)

If you have been awarded any certificates or accolades, you must mention them in your resume. Mentioning your certificates adds value to your resume and gives you a stringer chance to get the job you want. Mention the certificates you have in the following way:

  • Name of the Certificate
  • Name of the institute
  • Location of the institute 
  • Position you received (if any)

Whether you have received a certificate of appreciation or have completed a course, it is important to add all the relevant certificates in the Content Writer Resume. 

Example: Completed a certificate course from ABC University in Creative Content Writing. 

Awards and Recognitions

Have you received an award for being the best new employee? Or your video script got recognized at a national platform? Though not necessary, mentioning these awards in your Content Writing Resume can give you an edge over the other candidates. 

Other Information

This is the part of the Content Writer Resume where you can mention your extracurricular activities accolades received in your graduation or postgraduation. 

Samples in a Content Writer Resume

Apart from a cover letter, you should also attach some writing samples to your Content Writer Resume. From blogs and website content to magazine articles and video scripts, the samples can be in any form. Online presence plays a significant part in your job application, especially for freshers. 

Sample Resume

Content Writer Resume

We thus have covered all the important aspects of a Content Writer Resume through this blog. If you are ready with a resume but are not sure if it is up to mark then don’t worry. The mentors at Leverage Edu will help you in creating a stellar resume. 

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