How to Become an Engineering Manager in India?

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Engineering manager in India

As the name suggests, an engineering manager manages a group of engineers who work on the design and development of various products, incorporating the skills and knowledge of engineering. They oversee the growth and competency of a project well done, directing engineers to meet the shortcomings and successfully delivering the set tasks and projects within the framework of deadlines. That’s not all, engineering managers further plan the formation of new developments and are also involved in organising and directing the entire organisational operations of the technical nature. 

For those of you who see yourself interested in this field, and aim to land the job of an engineering manager, this blog is for you. Continue reading to get to know more about engineering manager. 

Roles and Responsibilities of an Engineering Manager in India

The core tasks of an engineering manager are mentioned below, focusing on their roles and responsibilities. 

  1. Interacting with engineers and interpreting their plans and specifications.
  2. Advising engineers on the production and design of the projects. 
  3. Overseeing the requirements of the engineers in terms of maintenance, development, and framework.
  4. Initiating and taking charge of creating new products and systems relevant to the functioning of the organisation. 
  5. Assign work to engineers and delegate tasks accordingly. 
  6. Ensuring that the engineering projects are aligned with the cost, standards and safety requirements. 
  7. Contributing to the research of developing new projects. 
  8. Keeping the organisational competencies up to date.
  9. Engage in communication with other teams and managers in relation to the projects’ needs and metrics. 
  10. Making budget proposals and implementing the same. 

Engineering Manager: Eligibility 

The basic eligibility criteria to become an engineering manager are mentioned below. 

  1. Complete the educational requirements at a bachelor’s level as is mentioned in the next section. To receive the same, complete education at 10+2 level from a recognised board, and qualifiable marks. 
  2. Gain practical and relevant experience in the field.
  3. Gain a master’s degree in a similar field, and adopt the required skills and knowledge to ace the field. 
  4. The candidates may also get certified as Professional Engineers (PE). 

Engineering Manager: Educational Qualifications

For one to land in the field of engineering management, one must first complete a bachelor’s degree, which can then be complemented by an advanced degree in the same field. This can be to the likes of a bachelor’s degree in engineering management, or other engineering fields. Further, you can also get enrolled on an MBA program. 

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses 

Below we have provided some options to choose from in terms of bachelor’s and master’s degrees. 

Undergraduate Postgraduate 
Bachelor’s in Computer Science 
Bachelor’s in Engineering 
Bachelor’s in Engineering Management 
Other engineering fields such as:
Civil Engineering 
Master’s degree in Engineering Management 
Master’s degree in technology management 

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Top Colleges in India 

There are many institutions in India, public as well as private, in which students can get enrolled, to become engineering managers in India. Check out the table below. 

Name of Institution Location 
IIT RoorkeeUttarakhand 
IIT DelhiDelhi 
IISC Bangalore Bengaluru 
IIT Kharagpur West Bengal 
BITS Pilani Rajasthan 
SRM University, AmaravatiAndhra Pradesh 

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Work Experience 

Gaining relevant work experience is of utmost importance to land a job as an engineering manager, for the level of the job demands ample understanding of the industry, including organisational and technological skills. We have highlighted the preferred number of years under the required work experience of the candidate, below. 

Work Experience (in years)2 to 4 years.

Note: The demanded work experience for the job position also depends on the company the candidate is looking to apply to. 

Engineering Manager: Skills Required 

The core skills, the possession of which, can help the candidates to become engineering managers are tabulated below. 

Soft Skills Hard Skills 
Critical thinking
Leadership Skills
Communication skills
Project Management Skills 
Technical Knowledge 
Understanding methodology software
Budget Management Software 

Professional Engineers (PE) Certification by IEI

After completing educational qualifications and gaining ample experience, the prospective engineer can additionally take a step forward to take the Professional Engineers (PE) Certification by IEI [The Institution of Engineers (India)]. 

This provides an opportunity for individuals to receive an appropriate certification of competence that shall allow them to practice as ‘Professional Engineers’. Herein, it is aimed that only a Professional Engineer be permitted to check and approve the designs/reports/drawings/products before their official release. Therefore, the certification by IEI is a credible source to identify engineers as certified professional engineers. 

Eligibility Criteria

Those who meet the below criteria can apply to become a PE. 

  • Minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent. 
  • The degree mentioned above must be recognised by the Government of India. 
  • Minimum professional work experience of 5 years.
  • We are having a membership in a recognised engineering association. 
  • Having satisfactorily maintained Continued Professional Development (CPD).

Employment Areas

The engineering manager can find employment in the following areas.

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Salary Prospects 

The pay scale of an engineering manager varies based on their experience and skill level. Shared below are estimate values of the same, which can vary from sector to sector; company to company; or individual to individual. 

Average Salary of a mid-level engineering manager INR 22.2 lakh
Average Salary of an experienced engineering manager INR 27.1 lakh 


The below companies are well-known in the recruiting field of engineering managers. 

  1. Microsoft 
  2. Google 
  3. Apple
  4. HP
  5. Unilever
  6. Nissan 
  7. Deloitte 
  8. Dell
  9. Nestle 
  10. JP Morgan 
  11. Lenovo 


Q1. What does an engineering manager do? 

Ans. An engineering manager manages a group of engineers who work on the design and development of various products, incorporating the skills and knowledge of engineering.

Q2. Is engineering manager a technical role?

Ans. Engineering managers must incorporate technical knowledge into their roles. 

Q3. Is MBA required for an engineering manager?

Ans. MBA is a preferred qualification of advanced study for an engineer manager.

This was all about How to become an Engineering Manager in India. Discover more about careers in India on Wings by Leverage Edu. 

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