Top Adobe Careers India 2023

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Adobe Careers

One of the highly demanding careers, Adobe is an American multinational computer software company headquartered in San Jose California. Being able to pursue Adobe Careers is an ideal job location for most students after the completion of their degree. There are numerous job vacancies offered at Adobe for the post of delivery manager, competency head, and much more. If you want to know more about Adobe Careers India 2023, educational qualifications, jobs for freshers, important facts about Adobe careers and much more then Keep Reading! 

Name of the Company Adobe 
Average Salary INR 18.91 Lakhs 
No. of Employees 18600
CEO of Adobe India Shantanu Narayen
Eligibility Requirements Varies depending upon job profiles, location, etc. 

Why Choose Adobe Careers?

There are many reasons to pursue work at Adobe, including salaries and job opportunities. Some of the top reasons include the following; 

  • Adobe allows you to maintain a healthy balance between work and life. This also helps you in dedicating quality time towards work. 
  • One major reason for working at Adobe is the availability of numerous job opportunities with lucrative packages.
  • Adobe not only offers you lucrative salaries but also provides you with a creative and highly recognized working platform. 

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Eligibility Requirements 

There are a few eligibility requirements that you are required to qualify for in order to pursue Adobe careers. However these eligibility requirements varies depending upon the job profiles, requirements and much more. Some of the common eligibility requirements are as follows; 

  • To pursue Adobe careers first you are required to have a minimum of graduate degree or diploma qualification in order to apply for the same. 
  • Another major requirements include a minimum 18 years of age and a maximum age of 45 years along with the good health. 

Application Process 

If you want to apply for Adobe careers, then you are required to follow the steps given below; 

  •  First, you are required to fill out the application form for the various positions at Adobe careers. After getting shortlisted for the job profile, you will undergo the personality profiles review and the documentation process. 
  • After completing the step above, you are required to qualify for the final interview. 
  • Once you qualify for the interview, you will receive the offer letter followed by joining and an acceptance letter confirming your position at Adobe.

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Highest-Paying Adobe Careers for Freshers 

Employees of Adobe are paid an average monthly salary ranging from INR 18,128 per month for freshers to INR 35,576 per month for an experienced persons. Some of the top job profiles and the average salary of Adobe employees are as follows; 

Job Profile Average Salary 
Senior Data EngineerINR 26.9 Lakhs 
Backend Engineer INR 27.6 Lakhs 
Android EngineerINR 27 Lakhs 
Senior Product DesignerINR 28 lakhs 
Product Manager INR 18 lakhs 
Senior Product Designer INR 55.9 Lakhs 
Sales Manager INR 16.6 lakhs 
Engineering ManagerINR 59.4 lakhs 
Staff Engineer INR 11 lakhs 

Popular Degrees 

Interesting Facts About Adobe Careers India 

Here are some of the interesting facts about Adobe careers,

  • Adobe Systems is a well-known organization headquartered in San Jose and is exploring rich internet app software to revolutionize the interaction of people with the internet.
  • In 2005, Adobe created history by acquiring one of its main competitors Macromedia.
  • The iconic Logo of Adobe was created by one of the Adobe founders and wife of John Warnock, Marva Warnock.  


Q1. Which Adobe positions pay the most?

Ans. Senior Engineering Manager is Adobe’s highest-paying position, with a yearly salary of 100.0 lakhs. The top 10% of employees earn over 41.96 lakhs rupees per year. The richest one percent of people make more than Rs. 97 lakhs annually.

Q2. Is it challenging to land a job at Adobe?

Ans. Yes, getting a job at Adobe is difficult. The software company receives many applicants with outstanding professional resumes and portfolios. Adobe has some of the world’s most widely used creative software. As a result, they are very picky about who they hire.

Q3. Is Adobe superior to TCS?

Ans. Adobe and TCS both are well-recognized institutions across the globe. However, Adobe has scored higher as compared to TCS in ten major areas namely, Culture and Values,  Work-Life Balance, Diversity & Inclusion, Senior Management, Career Opportunities, Recommend to a Friend, Compensation & Benefits, CEO Approval, and Positive Business Outlook. 

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