Best Career Options in India: After 10th, 12th, Graduation, Post-Graduation

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best career options in india

Selecting a career path is one of the most difficult tasks that students must complete. There are a tonne of options, and you’re under a lot of pressure to make the best decision. This is how many students feel after deciding they cannot turn around after a certain point, which is why selecting the ideal career often causes people to feel so anxious. There is a tonne of advice out there on how to make this decision simpler. Discover the best career options in India; including a list of best career options after 12th, or graduation by reading this article till the end. This blog post provides the best career options in India. 

List of Best Career Options in India

Below mentioned are the best career options in India:

Data Science

To say that Data Science is currently one of the best career options in India would most certainly not be an exaggeration. The current epidemic has made it easier for the country to adopt data science and its applications. According to Analytics India Magazine, a wide range of professional prospects have been generated in this subject for practically every sector in India. One of the world’s top generators of data is already India. Programming, mathematics, and statistics are all combined in data science. Professionals in data science are primarily in charge of collecting data from trustworthy sources, cleaning the data, and organizing the data to assess the effectiveness and shortcomings of the particular efforts made by an organization.

Skills RequiredData Analytics, Statistics, Python, Java, SQL and C++
Job ProfilesData Analyst, Data Scientist and Data Engineer
SalaryINR 3.6 Lakh to INR 26.0 Lakh
Source: Krish Naik on Youtube

Digital Marketing

In recent years, digital marketing has quickly risen up the ranks to become one of the best career options in India. In any corporation, digital marketing specialists have enormous duties, especially in light of the current epidemic that is forcing enterprises to move online. In India, digital marketing has seen a lot of professional chances and growth this year. A vital component of any industry is digital marketing. These experts make sure that the company’s goods and services are effectively promoted in order to create a recognisable brand and boost sales.

Skills RequiredCRM, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Web Analytics tool, Social Media
Job ProfilesDigital Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Consultant
SalaryINR 0.4 Lakh to INR 9.2 Lakh

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The responsibility of saving lives and ensuring people live healthy lives comes with becoming a doctor in addition to position and great respect. There are many different types of specialists who focus on particular human body anatomy and help identify the cause of any kind of illness or discomfort because of the various parts and their complexity. There are various types of doctors in the nation, each of whom focuses on a different disease, physical system, or subject. Among the most popular types of doctors are general practitioners, dentists, gynecologists, cardiologists, orthopedists, and other specialities. Prospective doctors must enroll in undergraduate or postgraduate medical programmes after completing their 10+2 requirements. This is one of the in demand career options in India.

Job ProfilesSurgeons, Dermatologists, Cardiologists.
Top RecruitersApollo, AIIMS, Max and Fortis
SalaryINR 0.6 Lakh to INR 16.1 Lakh

Data Analyst

The world is becoming data driven, which creates a wide range of lucrative and growth-oriented job descriptions. Data scientists, business analysts, statisticians, market researchers, risk analysts, cost estimators, financial analysts, Indian statistical officers, actuaries, and many other high-paying job descriptions are among the most popular and in-demand career paths. One of the top prospective career prospects in India is this. One should have a background in BE/B.Tech computer engineering, B.Sc-M.Sc statistics/mathematics, followed by a PG/Certification programme in data science/data analytics in order to pursue a career in any data-driven industry, such as the IT/ITeS or BFSI.

Top RecruitersAmazon, Apple, Microsoft
SalaryINR 1.6 Lakh to INR 12.0 Lakh

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Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning

Currently, one of the best career options in India is in machine learning, one of the main applications of artificial intelligence where professionals create self-learning systems. According to a forecast by the World Economic Forum, 133 million new employment would be created by AI-enabled industries worldwide by 2022. And with the MNCs’ and the Government’s moves towards digitization, the demand for AI specialists and experts is predicted to soar in India. We’ll talk about the best career opportunities in India here. A B.Tech/BE in computer science or information technology or a B.Sc-M.Sc in economics, mathematics, or statistics, or equivalent work experience, is required for entry into this field. A PG degree or certification in AI or ML is then required. Python prior experience is a distinct benefit.

Skills RequiredProlog, C++, Java, Python
Job ProfilesAI Researcher, AI Engineer, Learning Engineer
SalaryINR 3.0 Lakh to INR 20.0 Lakh

Actuarial Science

Actuaries are experts in the math and science-based area of insurance. They are incredibly skilled at determining risks, liabilities, value, etc. They provide their knowledge and assist in the creation of investment products for a variety of financial institutions, including insurance firms and banks. Actuaries are becoming ever more necessary as the Indian economy expands more quickly. One of the potential occupations in India by 2025 for math lovers is this one. The process of becoming an actuary is difficult, and only the most talented people will be able to pass all exam levels. As a result, the business is struggling to find highly skilled Actuaries. Actuaries are experts in pricing, establishing capital requirements for uncertain future events, and estimating the number of liabilities. This is one of the best career options in India.

Skills RequiredDeep understanding of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics
Job ProfilesActuarial analyst, Risk officer, Actuarial Consultant.
SalaryINR 11 Lakh
Source: Ankur Warikoo on Youtube

Web Development

The demand for web development has been fueled by enterprises’ increasing digital literacy. Interactive websites make it possible for companies to run successfully on a worldwide scale. Because of this, web development is one of the most in-demand skills in all industries. Jobs in web development are among the well-paying career possibilities in India and are frequently accessible. Web developers have the option of working remotely or accepting freelancing jobs, and they can set up shop almost anywhere. It is considered as one of the best career options in India.

Skills RequiredData Analytics, Statistics, Python, Java, SQL and C++
Job ProfilesWeb Architecture, Java, Python, Java Script, HTML
SalaryINR 1.0 to INR 7.0 Lakh

Product Management

These days, the core of any firm is the design, development, and management of the product. Therefore, there is a significant demand for qualified individuals who can balance the needs of a product’s growth and image with an overall view of the production process. One of the top prospective career prospects in India is this. They assess consumer wants and needs and collaborate with the technical team to develop goods that will sell the most. Product Management professionals are in demand across all industries, including IT/ITeS, FMCG, BFSI, data-driven businesses, and other service-based businesses, with employment secured and competitive pay.

Top RecruitersOla, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon
SalaryINR 5.2 to INR 35.0 Lakh

Cloud Computing

The Asia-Pacific region’s second-largest cloud service market, after China, is expanding quickly. Evidently, this industry is expected to flourish and grow in the nation. The technology has just recently been embraced in India, but it is already on its way to acquiring market share thanks to practical business solutions. This has made it valuable for the nation’s flourishing enterprises. It is the ideal moment to explore this field because there is a rise in demand for Cloud Computing specialists, making it one of the best job alternatives in India.

Source: Apna College on Youtube
Skills RequiredData Analytics, Statistics, Python, Java, SQL and C++
Job ProfilesCloud Product Manager, Cloud Engineer, Cloud Sales Manager, Cloud Architect
SalaryINR 2.8 Lakh to INR 13.0 Lakh

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1. Is post graduation useful?

Many lucrative career alternatives will become available to you with a postgraduate degree. Further to making greater money, postgraduates typically advance in their careers earlier. The postgraduate level offers both full-time and part-time study choices, making it simple to accommodate your education around your current commitments.

2. Which career stream will prosper in the future?

According to research, the science stream is the most alluring since it provides students with the best salaries and a promising career. Yet if you want to explore your creativity and perfect your dream profession, you might choose humanities and give your desire wings to fly high.

3. What is the prerequisite for a postgraduate degree?

Typically speaking, candidates must have earned a minimum of 50% in their undergraduate degree to be eligible for PG Diploma programmes.

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