How Edtech Can Solve the Educational Crisis in India?

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Educational Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the lifestyle of everyone else along with impacting businesses and industries around the world. This transition is reaching every aspect of the market including the global education system. Finding solutions for the ongoing educational crisis is crucial since the education sector has been colossally impacted by the pandemic. Schools and colleges have been shifted online even if it’s for a while and the need for efficient educational technologies has arisen. While The complexities of schooling have undergone a drastic shift as a consequence but the world of EdTech has come through as a pillar of strength during this pandemic. In this blog, let us check out how EdTech can potentially resolve the educational crisis in India.

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What is Ed-Tech?

Before exploring the key factors of Ed-tech’s role in the educational crisis, let’s first understand what it actually means. Educational Technology which is otherwise known as EdTech is the integrated use of computing devices, technology, and educational theory and application to empower students and support the learning process. Educational technology develops, uses, and maintains technical processes and educational tools to better enhance consumer academic success in students.

For hundreds of years, education has stayed broadly the same. Technology is changing the aspect of education. EdTech was actually started as experimentation in delivery of quality education and now it is being modified by a new wave of tech entrepreneurs during the current educational crisis. The objectives of EdTech, though, is not just about updating textbooks and learning handbooks, or even about the particular technologies itself. It is about applying emerging technologies to deliver an updated model of structure for education to help students adapt and learn.

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Advantages of EdTech

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to EdTech around the world which transforms learning and teaching technology. The five key benefits of this learning technology that will play an essential role in solving the educational crisis are as follows:

  • Interactive Education
  • Classroom Engagement
  • Dynamic Progress Tracking
  • Detailed Data of Students
  • Paperless Grading and Performance Measurement

The active learning by gamification encourages learners to perform self-learning. EdTech also allows them to plan and engage in successful professional tests and encourages students to take control of their learning and recognize their progress in education. This helps motivate students and has an enjoyable and interactive way of education for them. 

How Ed-Tech is Resolving the Educational Crisis in India?

India is home to the largest number of millennials in the world. We have an approximate 430 million individuals under the age of 18, as per government’s new estimates. Such young minds have excellent potential for themselves and the nation to create a strong future. An ability that is so often held hostage by an educational crisis and system overshadowed by obsolete educational techniques, a skewed number of students to instructors, a scarcity of trained teachers and a lack of appropriate educational materials. 

Currently, there are a lot of educational initiatives which focus on helping millions of students to continue their learning process. One of these initiatives is EdTech. Not only does the EdTech market have a modern computational platform to teach youngsters, but their professions are also thriving. The e-learning applications offer additional accessibility to learners with an innovative mode of teaching, such as gamification, blended learning and participatory learning modules. EdTech applications give quality education and access to all the students and learners alike. It also helps in distance education without compromising the learning goals and skills involved.

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Future of EdTech in India

In the middle of COVID-19 educational crisis, EdTech is the field that has begun to take advantage of opportunities in a broad manner. Although the market for educational software and technology platforms has been high in recent years leading to a fast number of internet users, the pandemic has offered the industry a new outlook on life, encouraging corporations to expand into another multi-billion dollar industry. By integrating Artificial Intelligence and AI-induced technology, India is taking charge. In their education system, attempts are being made to address shortcomings in this field.

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