International students flood back as Australia tries to get visa system ‘back on track’

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International students flood back as Australia tries to get visa system ‘back on track’
International students are flooding back, apart from this, visa approvals have also been gaining steady momentum.

Many international students returned to their home countries after Australia shut down its border for about two years from mid-March 2020. The country also faced many market-related difficulties, especially a shortage in terms of labour and skilled workers in certain sectors. 

The Victorian tourism industry in Australia remains to recover from the loss, reporting a net loss of $19.5 billion at the end of 2020. An International Education Recovery Plan 2025 was launched by the state government which aimed to support more international students in their return to Melbourne and regional Victoria.

To deal with the situation, the country also offered incentives to returning international students. They promised visa discounts for overseas students arriving in the country during the next eight weeks, as well as lifting restrictions on how long student visa holders can work

However, as the students started to flock in, the processing time for visa applications surged and nearly doubled. Numerous recommendations were made due to this, including recruiting more processing officers, increasing resources for processing services, as well as creating clear pathways to permanent residency for all temporary visa programmes.

Andrew Giles, Australian Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, recently tweeted that ‘The Albanese Labor Government is getting Australia’s visa system back on track.’

“Since June 2022, the Department of Homes Affairs has decided on more than two million temporary and permanent visa applications, including 1.35 million visitors, students and temporary skilled visa applications,” he said last week. 

Apart from this, India will also overtake China as the country with the most international students arriving in Australia this year. India had 96,000 students studying there as of July 2022, making it the second-largest international student nation after China. 

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