Ways to Connect with Your Child While Abroad

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ways to connect your child while abroad

Does your child have a dream of pursuing higher education from an abroad university? This might be an exciting phase for your child, but as a parent, it’s both a joyful and painful situation. It’s hard for parents to bid adieu to their children who are flying to another country. But if you panic, you will only overwhelm your child as they will also be confused and frightened. Whether your child is going for abroad education alone or with a friend, make sure you become their most supportive resource. Apart from building a proper communication bridge with them, which will help you two stay in touch, you also need to motivate them. In this new technologically advanced world, contacting someone who’s in the other part of the world isn’t hard. Here are some great ways to connect with your child while abroad. 

Some Important Things to Consider 

While developing a communication plan, you will realize the process is easier said than done. You might face some unexpected challenges which will prevent you from establishing contact with your child. Even if you might come across some speed bumps, there will always be numerous ways to connect with your child while abroad. 

Schedule Contacting Times 

As a parent, you might not know different ways to connect with your child while abroad. The communication process will become smoother and much easier if you know how and when to get in touch with them. If you fail to contact your child, consider sending them a message or mail. Or you can also end each conversation by proposing the next schedule for calling. Make sure you let your child understand the importance of texting when they come back home or go to a party. During the initial days, you might notice communication gaps with your child but eventually, it will be managed once they settle properly.

Time Difference 

This is one of the most important things you need to consider. Keep in mind that you and your child are in different time zones. You need to let them know about the time difference too. If you or your child receive a call from one another in the middle of the night, the experience might not be pleasant. Consider purchasing another clock and setting the time zone of the other country. This way you don’t need to calculate the timing every time you call your child. 

Give them Proper Space 

Even if you miss your child, make sure you don’t void their personal space. Sending repeated texts or calling them continuously will ultimately suffocate and irritate them. Remember that your child is exploring new surroundings and adapting to a new culture. Hence, be patient. 

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Important Tools to Build Communication 

Now that you understood when you need to build communication with your child, it’s time to know how you can contact them without any problems. There are countless tools available on the internet that would help you contact your child who’s studying abroad. Continue reading to know more. 

Internet Communication

Connecting and maintaining communication with your child while they are studying abroad has become a super easy process, thanks to the internet. When you have a proper device and internet connection, you will be able to contact them through video-calling applications. As free WiFi is available in most countries as well as cities, your child won’t face trouble with an internet connection. In case free internet is unavailable, they might need to purchase a valid sim card. Here are some of the most common yet effective internet connection tools. 

  • Social media: Probably one of the best ways to connect with your child abroad. As most people in the world use social media platforms, you will never face problems connecting with your child, even if he’s thousands of miles apart. Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or any other social media platforms, make sure you utilize their benefits. But if you’re specifically interested in video calling your child, consider using Skype or Whatsapp. 

Here’s a YouTube link that will help you understand the benefits of social media platforms:

Source: YouTube – Curative
  • Email: If your child doesn’t answer texts, calls, or video calls through social media platforms, make sure you drop them an email. They might be busy at the time when you were calling them. The process is more convenient as your child won’t be restricted by timing issues. Emailing is also one of the most-effective ways to connect with your child while abroad. 
  • FaceTime: Even though we could’ve included this tool in the social media point, FaceTime needs more attention than other social media platforms, especially if you’re using Apple devices. FaceTime is an Apple-exclusive video calling and chatting app that will benefit you in terms of higher picture quality. 

Classic Communication 

Before the introduction of the internet, communicating with someone who lives abroad was a daunting task. Even though the internet has made things easier, that doesn’t mean you can always rely on it to get in touch with them. Sometimes internet connection might be affected and in such cases, you will have no option but to consider traditional calling options. Don’t overlook the benefits of classic communication as it will prove handy in numerous situations. If you’re looking for easier ways to connect with your child while abroad, traditional phone calls will help you.

If you’re planning to call your child overseas, you need to consider a roaming plan as the ordinary plan won’t work in such situations. Your sim also needs to support international calls. Don’t forget to visit your carrier provider for more options. 


Why Communication is Important?

If you don’t contact your child who’s pursuing higher education abroad, you will end up creating a severe communication barrier. This will not only affect their mental health but also their confidence. 

How many times do you need to call them?

In my opinion, you should not call them more than two times a day. They also require space and time as they are adapting to a new environment. 

What is the Best Communication Method?

Every communication method has its own pros and cons. But if you want a seamless process, consider opting for social media platforms. 

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