Study Exchange benefits students in understanding cultural backgrounds of peers

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International students enrolling full-time in Atlantic Canada increased by 15.5%
Universities from Japan and USA are participating in study abroad programs, benefitting students from different cultural backgrounds.

There’s been an increase in cultural exchange learning through a partnership between Nanzan University, in Japan, and the University of North Georgia (UNG), in the USA.

In particular, eleven students from the University of North Georgia (UNG) are to spend at least a semester abroad in Nanzan, from the period of fall to spring, of the academic year 2022-23, wherein three students are set to spend a full academic year. On the other hand, three students from Nanzan University are at UNG for both semesters. 

The universities had previous collaborations with each other, with opportunities such as three study-abroad programs in Nanzan and a two-week visit from Nanzan to UNG, in the spring of 2019; until the pandemic hit. A UNG student, who was the first to head to Nanzan for a semester, had to return back to the USA when circumstances worsened with the COVID-19-induced restrictions. 

Now, with the relaxation of travel restrictions, the universities have resumed the welcome of students from both countries. 

The students of the universities have reported the success of the study abroad program and the partnership between the two universities, as they talk about the ability to understand the uniqueness of other cultures. The program also benefits the students in their respective courses. 

Furthermore, there’s also an aspect of individual growth that the students witness in themselves. 

This account of study abroad programs reflects the importance of cultural understanding among international students. These programs also provide students with ample opportunities to succeed in the future. In view of the same, resources should continue to be invested in study abroad exchanges, given their contributions to a student’s academic journey. 

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