Australia tops the list for best study destinations

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Australia is once again the top study destination

Australia has once again topped the list of best study destinations for international students, especially from South and Southeast Asia, according to Navitas’ Agent Perception Survey.

In May 2022, over 700 agents were surveyed who agreed that the interest of international students in studying in Australia had bounced back since the opening of its prolonged border closures in mid-December of 2021.

The survey also revealed that students now consider Australia to be as safe and welcoming as Canada and the UK. Recently, Australia also scrapped the vaccine rules which made it more desirable to international students.

Around three-quarters of the surveyed agents agreed that international student interest in Australia has increased in the past two months compared to other study abroad destinations. More than half of the agents who synchronized with the statement “strongly agreed.”

This indicates a tremendous change from the market sentiment in October 2021, when only 28% agreed that Australia was gaining ground against competitors. 

Australia has substantially closed the gap with Canada and the UK on this measure,” according to the survey.

Students from South and Southeast Asia are more interested in studying in Australia than from other regions. 90% of the agents in these regions accepted that the student’s interest in Australia has increased in the past two months.

Neil Fitzroy, General Manager, Global Recruitment UPA, Navitas, said-

Australia’s mid-year intake has seen significant numbers of international students travel to Australia to commence or resume their studies. The excitement and energy on campuses across the country augurs well for further recovery and the recent agent research confirms this shift in sentiment. With >95% of the adult population fully vaccinated, COVID-safe protocols still in play and huge advances made in flexible delivery across the sector, Australia is well positioned to win back market share.”

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