Singapore bags second position as international best talent

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Singapore bags second place as international best talent position again
Singapore is the only Asian country in the top 20 and is placed second internationally for the best talent

Singapore has once again been regarded as the second-best country to discover the best talents in the fierce competition among the nations of the world. The Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2022, places the nation just behind Switzerland but ahead of 131 other nations. Singapore, the only Asian country, has made to the list that is usually dominated by European countries.

The Temasek-affiliated Human Capital Leadership Institute is funding the report’s most recent edition, created by the business school Insead and the Portulans Institute in Washington. According to the authors, the 133 ranked nations control 98% of global economic production and more than 93% of the world’s population.

The United States had shared the top spot with Switzerland since the competition began, but this year, Denmark, which finished third, pushed it off the podium. The report also includes a ranking of the cities, with Singapore coming in sixth place, trailing American cities like San Francisco, Boston, and Seattle as well as Zurich and Lausanne in Switzerland. Once more, it is the only city in Asia to rank in the top 20.

Do these rankings have any real-world ramifications? Yes, stated Helmi Yusoff from the renowned consulting firm Mercer. Research like this offers important information to global employees planning to relocate to another nation.


With the exception of talent retention, Singapore is rated among the top five countries in the world for highly skilled workers including every other category. Dr Bruno Lanvin, who is also the report’s co-editor and a distinguished fellow at Insead said talent retention includes both the ability to attract talent from abroad and the ability to provide sufficient opportunities for locally born talent to stay or return home after studying or working abroad. The tiny size of Singapore’s domestic market is a problem in this regard.

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