Canada to offer 5 new benefits for International students

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Canada has announced 5 new benefits that international students can avail of and choose Canada as their study abroad destination.

Canada has always been a popular study-abroad destination due to the benefits that the country offers to international students including affordability, career prospects, work and study permit, and permanent residency opportunities. Canada also announced the expansion of the strength of students and the upliftment of the work-hour restrictions.

The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced 5 new benefits for students which will be integral for students. The following are the benefits that students can avail of:

Source: CIC News

  1. The data shows the rising trend of study permit holders in Canada which is expected to increase in 2022-2023. It is expected that 753,000 more international students will have a study permit, meaning more opportunities for students seeking to study in Canada.
  1. IRCC has offered Student Direct Stream (SDS) for a fast-track study permit process. Based on where you live, by submitting your biometric and meeting eligibility requirements you can get your study permit faster. 
  1. Canada is planning to promote permanent residence for international students as due to Canadian Government research international students perform stronger in the labour market after obtaining the PR.
  1. Aidan Strickland, Press Secretary at the Office of the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship also stated that the IRCC is also moving forward to speed up the application tracking globally by publishing data backlog in a more integrated and modernized manner. 
  1. Canada has allowed international students to work off-campus for over 20 hours. Foreign students who have already submitted their study-permit application can avail of this benefit. This temporary measure will allow over 500,000 international students who are already in Canada to potentially work more hours.

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