29 December: IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic- University Students should pay the full cost for their study?

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics:

Question appeared in IELTS exam held on 3rd December 2022 in the Evening Slot.

Q- University students should pay the full cost for their own study because university education benefits individuals rather than society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

A- Many people claim that college graduates should be responsible for covering their own educational costs. They contend that an individual gains more from attending university than does the community or the country. However, I truly feel that it benefits both people and society, so universities should keep awarding scholarships to deserving applicants rather than to everyone.

First, some narrow-minded people claim that this tendency exclusively benefits students. In actuality, it benefits both society and people individually. Assume, for instance, that a medical school offers a scholarship to a deserving applicant. After graduating, he or she will be a highly qualified doctor or health professional with the ability to save the lives of thousands of people and contribute to society. The same is true for any other occupation, including those of an engineer, educator, or researcher. Universities should develop the capabilities of deserving students who are eager to work hard and succeed, developing skilled professionals who can execute their jobs well and benefit the country.

Additionally, education must never be turned into a business. A significant amount of the budgetary allocations of many governments around the world have been set aside for education. Regardless of their economic status, a candidate should be given the chance to pursue higher education if they are motivated and deserving. That will enable people to land their dream jobs while having poor financial circumstances. On the other hand, if colleges charge a price for each entry, many intelligent individuals from disadvantaged families will be denied opportunities. Additionally, university graduate programmes can only produce talented professionals if the applicants are enthusiastic and driven. If they just apportion seats based on fees, the course will have a mixture of worthy and unworthy students, limiting the opportunity for other possible candidates.

In closing, I once again stress the need for institutions to continue to offer deserving students free education. This will produce highly competent professionals who can help others and enhance our quality of life.

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