7 February: IELTS Listening Topics – Listening Task 9 (Map Labelling)

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IELTS Listening Task 9 Map Labelling

Listen to the audio below and answer the following Map Labelling questions to boost your listening skills 👇.

Before answering these questions, look at the instructions and techniques below. 👇

Detailed Instructions for IELTS Listening Map Labelling

You must complete labels on a map (for a section of a town, for example) for this question type. There are four listening portions, however, section 2 is most likely to contain this kind of question. You will hear only one speaker in section 2 discussing a non-academic subject. It mostly involves someone educating a crowd about an occasion or guiding them around a structure, such as a hotel or a university.

Techniques To Remember

  • Read the question and instructions carefully. Understand the map and its features.
  • The information you need to answer the questions is in the same order as on the recording.
  • Look at the major parts of the map to help you understand and navigate your way around.
  • Predict what type of words might be the answer i.e. will it be a place, room, street, building, etc.
  • Listen to the beginning of the talk carefully because this will help you understand the context and help you follow the talk more easily.
  • Note down any possible answers, but be careful with distractors. 

Label the diagram below (Questions 36-40)

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

IELTS Listening Task 9 Map Labelling
36 …………….
37 …………….
38 …………….
39 …………….
40 …………….

Check out the correct answer given below👇 in the PDF.

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