How to Crack SAT in 3 Months?

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How to Crack SAT in 3 Months

Scholastic Assessment Test or what is popularly called the SAT exam is a gateway for those who want to study in USA, Canada, UK or Australia. Administered by Educational Testing Service, it examines a candidate’s Verbal, Mathematical, and Writing skills. SAT preparation not just requires practice and hard work, but it also requires decisive strategies, as SAT accepted universities look for people who can work smart and hard at the same time. So, in this blog, we will be dealing with how to crack SAT in 3 months.

Main Highlights 

Before we get into the steps of how to crack SAT in 3 months, here are the main highlights of  SAT examination:

Exam Name SAT
Administrating Body  Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Conducting Body The College Board
Mode of Examination  Paper-Pencil
Offered 7 times in a year 
Main structure  Reading Test, Writing and Language Test and Mathematics
Score Range 400-1600 Points
Duration  3 hours
Number of Test Centres 25,000
SAT Score Accepting Countries  192

How to Crack SAT in 3 Months: Week 1

  • The first week should involve assessing the SAT syllabus and planning your schedule accordingly. 
  • Take a sample SAT test on the college board website. This will not only help you identify your mistakes but will also help you get familiar with the SAT exam pattern
  • Once you have identified your strong and weak areas, you can bifurcate your preparation time accordingly. 
  • For every question, look at what went wrong and work on it. For example: if you score well in the Arithmetic questions but poorly in Algebra, then pay emphasis on that more. 
  • Moreover, through sample tests, you can also assess the time taken to complete a set of questions. This way, you can focus on questions that took more time to solve.
  • In Start comprehensively practising algebra, equations, and inequalities lessons. 

How to Crack SAT in 3 Months: Week 2

  • In the 2nd week, you need to practice Algebra, Equations, and Inequality based questions.
  • Revise those concepts where you are making mistakes more than often. 
  • Practice 10 random practice questions.
  • Practice questions from any two writing passages. There are 22 questions you need to practice this week from 2 different tasks. 
  • Make use of online resources, watch youtube tutorials, read books which have chapters on all the topics. 

How to Crack SAT in 3 Months: Week 3

  • Review at least 3 lessons on advanced mathematics, start practicing trigonometry based questions. 
  • Start solving mixed-bag questions and revise previously learned concepts.  
  • Practice writing passages. Read newspaper and journal articles. Keep a tap of it until you appear for the test. 

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How to Crack SAT in 3 Months: Week 4

  • Apart from Complex Numbers, pay attention to questions based on Arithmetic.
  • Practice 30-40 random based questions from every section. 
  • Devote at least 2-3 hours and solve questions based on comprehension passages.
  • Read subject-based articles or newspaper editorials and summarise what you read. This will not help improve vocabulary but will also boost your writing skills.

How to Crack SAT in 3 Months: Week 5-8

  • Put everything on paper, whatever you have learned so far, from SAT mathematics, reading to writing. Give as many mock tests as you can. 
  • Revise the College Board’s official practice guide. 

Preparation Strategies: Week 9-12

  • Do a supplement reading. 
  • Practice coordinate geometry lessons. 
  • Revise statistics lessons and ensure you are doing meticulous supplemental reading 
  • Read longer-form pieces and practice questions on the same.
  • Keep an official SAT study guide handy. In this book, you will find problems and their explanations. 
  • This is the time to solve full-fledged mock tests. 

Books for SAT Preparation

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of how to crack SAT in 3 months, here are some of the essential books which can help you score well on the exam!  

Book Name Author/Publisher Link
Official SAT Practice Tests The College Board Buy here
SAT Prep Black Book, Second Edition Patrick Barrett  Buy here
The Critical Reader: The Complete Guide to SAT Reading Erica L. Meltzer Buy here
SAT Math Prep Book Test Prep Books  Buy here
The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar  Erica L. Meltzer  Buy here

Tips & Tricks to Crack SAT

  • Each student taking the SAT must be aware of their areas of weakness in each section. It might be difficult and fruitless to concentrate on all the areas of weakness at once. Instead, contestants can categorise their challenging questions into easy, medium, and difficult portions based on their difficulty. When taking the exam, the student should finish the simple questions first to earn some points. Then, since they will require a bit more time than the simple ones, students should concentrate on the medium-difficulty problems. Finally, the applicant should concentrate on the challenging questions because they might take a lot of time.
  • You can take the Preliminary SAT to assess your knowledge and SAT preparation (PSAT). You can use this exam to evaluate your preparedness. You can choose the SAT exam date that best suits your level of exam preparedness based on the score you receive.
  • Most students find the long comprehension portion of the SAT English test to be challenging. You should start reading non-fiction books, newspapers, journals, and novels while you’re young in order to better prepare for this area. This is good for your SAT preparation since it will speed up your reading and assist you with grammar.
  • Prepare by becoming familiar with the paper’s format. Most students struggle to comprehend the SAT exam’s structure, which prevents them from performing well on the test. Therefore, it is best to become familiar with the paper in advance and comprehend its structure completely.
  • For SAT practise exams, there are several online and offline resources accessible. You may improve your score on the SAT English and Math parts by taking practise exams.
  • Always aspire higher than the minimum mark required for admission to the college of your choice. Therefore, plan appropriately and strive to get that result.


Are 3 months enough to study for the SAT?

Yes, three months of study time is enough to crack the SAT examination. However, you should study from limited yet good resources, be organised, and stick to your schedule.

How many hours should you devote to preparing for the SAT?

You should study at least 1 to 2 hours every day.

How many subjects are offered in the SAT subject test?

You can take the SAT subject test for the following mentioned subjects: English

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