Education Influencers You Should Follow in 2021!

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Education Influencers

All of us love scrolling through social media, spending hours laughing over funny videos, memes and what not! But social media is also one of the top platforms in the digital world to reach a larger audience and address many taboos and topics which unexplored. The Edtech industry is thriving in the digital era and is carving a special audience on social media which uses its platforms to learn, thrive and grow! So, if you are looking to build an EdTech smart feed, we bring you the top 10 Education Influencers to follow on twitter!

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Top Education Influencers on Twitter

Looking for the best education influencers on Twitter in India? Here we bring you the top education influencers on Twitter in India and around the world:

  • Vicki Davis 
  • Richard Byrne
  • Steven W. Anderson
  • Jennifer Williams
  • Tom Whitby
  • Todd Nesloney
  • Scott McLeod
  • Alice Keeler
  • Deborah J. Stewart
  • Dr Alec Couros

Vicki Davis 

Twitter: @coolcatteacher
Followers: 165K

Let’s start the list of top 10 education influencers to follow on Twitter, with none other than Vicki Davis. If haven’t heard this name before, then you’re surely missing a lot. David gives encouragement and practical guidance to teachers from all around the world. She tweets about everything regarding education and world educators – from classroom management tips to inspiring messages about how to love. She also runs the 10 Minute Teacher Show, which is a daily podcast where she brings into notice and discusses practical tips for teachers by interviewing other educators. Through her presence on social media, her blog and her podcast, she provides a wide range of advice to educators at all school levels and in all fields.

Richard Byrne

Twitter: @rmbyrne
Followers: 113.7K

Next up on our list of top 10 education influencers to follow on Twitter is Mr Richard Byrne. Having expertise in Edtech, Byrne has over 113.7K followers on Twitter and aims to make educational technology usable and applicable to public school education drew the attention of many young minds. He is the founder of, which actively works with public educators to integrate the latest technologies in classrooms.

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Steven W. Anderson

Twitter: @web20classroom
Followers: 165.6K 

Our list for top 10  education influencers to follow on Twitter is incomplete without mentioning the ever so famous, Steven W. Anderson. He is the founder and CEO of Web20Classroom, an educational and technology consultation group. Steven constantly tweets about classroom education and technology integration, and often reminds people just to be great and awesome! He helped create #EdChat and regularly participates in speaking events and webinars. He was recently named one of the 50 greatest educational innovators in the United States. 

Jennifer Williams

Twitter: @JenWilliamsEdu
Followers: 58.8K 

Dr Jennifer Williams a professor at St. Leo University in Florida and co-founder of Calliope Global Education Initiatives, Take Action Global and TeachSDGs. She inspires conversations about global education, creativity and professional development, organizing #peekachat, which covers topics such as personal care, social and emotional learning and play.  Amongst our top education influencers in 2020, Williams has written for Edutopia, Education Week, Pearson English and the International Literacy Association. She believes that teachers and students can collectively do their part to make the world a better place.

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Tom Whitby

Twitter: @tomwhitby
Followers: 80.9K

Mr Tom Whitby is the founder of Edchat Interactive and #edchat on Twitter, a place where teachers can ask questions and discuss educational issues. Whitby tweets on a broad spectrum of educational topics, from public policy to EdTech and professional development. A crucial mention in our list of education influencers on Twitter, Whitby promotes communication on #edchat by probing followers on the topics they want to address. He is also the co-author of ‘The Relevant Educator’, a book on how teachers can use social media to build a professional network for development and learning.

Todd Nesloney

Twitter: @TechNinjaTodd
Followers: 77.4K

Making our list on the top 10 educational influencers to follow on Twitter, we came across Mr Todd Nesloney, who is the co-author and founder of Kids Deserve It, a brilliant and necessary book which encourages teachers to dare to innovate. In addition, he is Director of Culture and Strategic Leadership for TEPSA Talk and the White House. He also served as principal of an elementary school in Texas, where his ideas earned him an impressive reputation. He is also a motivational speaker who talked twice on TEDx.  He challenges conventional thinking and encourages teachers to leave their comfort zone to better engage with students.

Scott McLeod

Twitter: @mcleod
Followers: 53.1K

Scott McLeod is the founder of CASTLE and a bright innovator who frequently provides his followers with updates on new and upcoming Ed technologies and Ed ideas. He is one of the most followed education influencers on Twitter and Mcleod is a blogger, an idea generator, solution builder, an agitator and a catalyst too.  He is also an assistant professor with a strong focus on leadership in the classroom and the field of education technology itself.

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Alice Keeler

Twitter: @alicekeeler
Followers: 168.1K

Alice is a mother, a mathematics teacher, Youcubed consultant, Writer, Speaker, and a Google Certified Innovator. She has a unique vision of technology in school. She is a strong advocate for integrating technology into classrooms, but she often provides valuable information about how teachers can become better educators by using new methods. Her blend of traditional education with technology made her quite the innovator and education influencer in the field of Ed technology with over 168.1K followers on Twitter.

Deborah J. Stewart

Twitter: @Teach_Preschool
Followers: 32.2K

Deborah Stewart strives to help the teachers thrive in the classrooms of three to five. She is the owner of Teach Preschool Children’s Studio in Noblesville, Indiana. Her feed is full of art activities, ideas for outdoor play, songs, circle time activities, and all the resources a preschool teacher needs when preparing lesson plans for young minds. She is one of the top education influencers in Preschooling and her blogs organize the resources into categories such as literacy, art, STEM, sensory play, motor skills etc.

Dr Alec Couros

Twitter: @courosa
Followers: 134.3K

Dr Alec Couros is an Ed-tech professor at the University of Regina in Canada. Amongst one of the education influencers, Couros is a leader in the field of Ed technology and is very proud to teach skills and technology integration techniques in a variety of avenues. He is an international motivational and aid-tech speaker, consultant, researcher, educator and a scholar, with over 134.3K followers.

Educational Influencers on YouTube

YouTube is increasingly becoming a popular learning platform where you can learn everything through a fun video! Here are the top educational influencers on YouTube that you should follow in 2021:

  • John Green
  • Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
  • Michael David Stevens
  • Joe Hanson
  • CGP Grey
  • Ibrahm Mohammed
  • Jessica Holsman
  • Christopher Emdin
  • Bob Pflugfelder
  • Megan Duvarney Forbes
  • Karim Abouelnaga

John Green

Subscribers: 12 million
Views: Over 1 billion

Courtesy: Crash Course

You may not have heard of the green brothers, the world’s most prolific online teachers (or you may already know them!). After the success of their previous YouTube channel “VlogBrothers,” John Green along with his brother Hank Green started an educational YouTube channel, “Crash Course”. Crash Course was one of the first hundred channels to receive funding from YouTube’s $100 million original channel programme. He explores a wide variety of important topics such as world history, biology, ecology, psychology, and more in his informative educational videos.

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown

Subscribers: 9.58 Million
Views: Over 1 billion

Courtesy: ASAPScience

Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown – musicians, artists, pop theorists, and hosts of the Youtube channel ASAPScience: a weekly dose of fun and fascinating science. They started out as scientists and converted their passion into a force that has motivated millions of people to love science. They use their forum to comment on environmental change, queer voices in STEM, and how science can influence cultural movements while they aren’t making video content. The channel produces weekly videos that cover a wide range of topics and ensures that they are taught in a fun and engaging manner rather than the traditional manner. 

Michael David Stevens

Subscribers: 16.7 Million
Views: Over 2 billion

Courtesy: VSauce

Michael David Stevens, best known for creating and hosting the popular education YouTube channel Vsauce, is an American educator, public speaker, comedian, entertainer, editor, and internet celebrity. His youtube channel is devoted to demonstrating how and why the world around you is so fascinating. With mind-bending philosophical puzzles, one of the best YouTube channels for stimulating learning and curiosity. 

Joe Hanson

Subscribers: 3.69 Million
Views: Over 300 million

Courtesy: It’s Okay to be Smart

Joe Hanson describes himself as a strange set of atoms in a strange universe. He’s on YouTube to help you understand this vast World by demonstrating how it all functions scientifically. On his channel “It’s Okay To Be Smart”, he creates weekly videos that will pique your interest in science. It is a science show but nothing close to the way we are used to it.

CGP Grey

Subscribers: 4.68 Million
Views: Over 600 million

Courtesy: CGP Grey

CGP Grey is an educational YouTuber and podcaster of Irish ancestry whose channel features brief explanatory videos on a variety of topics, including politics, geography, economics, history, and culture. Grey is also known for co-creating the audio podcast Hello Internet with fellow educational YouTuber Brady Haran and co-hosting the audio podcast Cortex with Myke Hurley, co-founder of the Relay FM podcast network, in 2014, in addition to video production.

Ibrahm Mohammed

Courtesy: Ibz Mo

Famously known as IbzMo, he has around 135K subscribers on Youtube. He did his Bachelors from the University of Cambridge and his masters from Oxford University. He shares his experience in the two universities and helps students in reaching there. 

Jessica Holsman

Courtesy: Study with Jess

Jessica Holsman, famously known for her handles, ‘Study with Jess’ is an educational influencer on Youtube with more than 480K subscribers. She is also the founder of Educationary, an online stationery store for students. She shares study tips, study routines, hacks and other productive videos on her youtube channel.

Christopher Emdin

Courtesy: TED Talks

Christopher Emdin is an Associate Professor at Columbia University and is known for his award winning book ‘Urban Science Education for the Hip Hop Generation’. He also discusses social issues and the role of POC in education. While he does not have a strong online following, he is known to have given several TED and TEDx talks and has been a keynote speaker in many youtube channels. 

Bob Pflugfelder

Courtesy: Bob PFlugfelder

Bob is a science teacher who does interesting experiments on his youtube channel with more than 117K subscribers. He has been a regular guest and contributor in the famous Jimmy Kimmel LIVE Talk show. 

Megan Duvarney Forbes

Courtesy: Megan Forbes

She is a middle school teacher of English and History and shares her videos on her youtube channel, ‘Too Cool for Middle School’. She has a high 9.61% engagement rate on her channel. She uploads videos on great books to read, teaching online and specific subjects as well.

Karim Abouelnaga

Courtesy: Practice Makes Perfect

He is an entrepreneur and founder of Practice Makes Perfect, a company that creates educational programs for low-income students. He has the most viewed Forbes video of all time with more than 4.2 Million views. He is also an author and a TED Speaker and has more than 28K followers on LinkedIn.

Best Education Influencers in India 2021

India is home to inspirational educational influencers that are transforming the way we look at academics! Here are the top educational influencers in India:

Sumersingh Rajpurohit

Subscribers: Over 500 thousand
Views: Over 47 million

Courtesy: Last Moment Tuitions

“Dost se acha koi teacher nahi” To all the engineering students out there, Sumer is a friend who would teach important subjects with a simple explanation, a few moments before the examination. Surprisingly, this friend of ours, through his platform: Last moment tuitions, has a reach of over 500 thousand subscribers on Youtube. He has come a long way on his conquest to prove the fact that one doesn’t need a masters degree to be a good teacher.

Pritesh Jagani

Subscribers: Over 100 thousand
Views: Over 15 million

Courtesy: Yudi J

Yudi J, does the name ring any bells? Well, in 2018, Pritesh launched his YouTube channel, titled Yudi J. Back then, his goal, through the Youtube Channel, was to encourage, educate and empower students who were looking to move abroad for education. Over the years, its content has diversified and now also covers areas such as Career Wellness, Self-Help, Personal Finance, Lifestyle and Vlogging. If any of you are looking to pursue education in the U.S., do check out his YouTube channel.

Harnoor Singh

Subscribers: Over 531 thousand
Views: Over 69 million

Courtesy: Singh in USA

Information and fun! That sums up the “Singh in USA” channel run by Harnoor Singh. He completed his undergraduate and master’s degree at Georgia State University and is currently working as a software engineer. Youtube was his side gig, but he ensures that he always uploads videos that consist of details that an aspiring or current international student will certainly have to do with. The best thing about the channel is that it’s full of amusing and entertaining blogs on a lighter note, something that will keep the audience engaged to the channel.

Nikhilesh Dhure

Subscribers: Nearly 300 thousand
Views: Over 17 million

Courtesy: MensPro

Moving to the Automotive Nation, Germany, Nikhilesh Dhure has a subscriber base of almost 300k which is distributed through two networks. The first channel, called “Nikhilesh Dhure,” is designed to share his life in Germany with the people back home in India. While the second channel, MensPro, focuses mainly on German education,  lifestyle in Berlin, and Entrepreneurship. His two channels are full of insightful and interesting videos.

On this note, we conclude our blog on the top top 10 educational influencers to follow on Twitter. We hope that you found this blog inspiring and informative. Want to pursue a degree in education? Reach out to our Leverage Edu experts and we will help you explore the best course and university to kickstart a successful career in this field.

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    1. Hi Rishika

      Education influencers are important as they try to pass down knowledge through social media platforms. In today’s era of globalisation, the youth and technology go hand in hand. Thus, education influencers provide an interesting approach to studying that appeals to and motivates the students.

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    1. Hi Rishika

      Education influencers are important as they try to pass down knowledge through social media platforms. In today’s era of globalisation, the youth and technology go hand in hand. Thus, education influencers provide an interesting approach to studying that appeals to and motivates the students.

      For any study abroad related queries, please get in touch with our experts through this number: 1800572000 or drop us a mail at [email protected].

      Team Leverage Edu