This Day in History – May 1

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“ The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it” Thi quote from a kid’s movie – The Lion King signifies the importance of the past in our life. Every day has a tail of stories attached to it. Some stories are motivating & some teach us new things. Now, let’s look at some of the most historical events that took place on this day- May 1!

What Happened Around the World on May 1?

  • 1707 – Scotland & England acts of the union came into force & formed United Kingdom of Great Britain
  • 1931 – Empire states building officially opens in New York City
  • 1960 – American U–2 spy plane is shot down & captured the pilot near Sverdlovsk. 
  • 1962 – In the United States first KMART department store was opened. All things consumers need under one roof like Clothes, shoes, furniture, beauty products, and electronics.
  • 1941 –The first feature film directed & starring Orson Welles  named Citizen Kane was premiered in New York
  • 1925 – Field Marshall Hinderburg was elected as president of Germany that was right-wing conservative.
  • 1961 – Elections were banned in Cuba by Castro stating there is no time or place for elections in the revolution. 
  • 1967 – Elvis Presley ties a knot with her long-time girlfriend Priscilla Ann Beaulieu in las vegas.
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  • 1977 – Almost 33 people died when a march of protesters turned into a gunfight with the rival leftist group in turkey.
  • 1982 – Energy Turns the World themed world’ fair opened in Tennesse & was visited by 11 million people
  • 1997 – After almost 20 years  Labour Party, led by Tony Blair won the parliamentary elections in England.
  • 2003 – George W Bush, former president of the USA announced combat with Iraq was over.
  • 2005 – North Korea fired missiles in the sea of Japan
  • 2006 – One-day boycott by schools & businesses for immigrant reform proposal. Almost one million people participated in this strike.
  • 2008 – Ahead of the Olympics game to improve the health condition of the country, china imposed a smoking ban on most of the buildings. 
  • 2009 – The Swiss bank refused to share information with the USA about the customers suspected of hiding fifteen billion dollars in Swiss banks.
  • 2013 –13 people died when Saudi Arabia was the heaviest rainfall in over 25 years.

Famous Birthdays

  • 1738 – Kamehameha I Founder & ruler of the kingdom of Hawai reigned for 1782 – 1819.
  • 1769 – Arthur Wellesley was the first duke of wellington, the British commander of the army during  Napoleonic Wars & also served as a prime minister of the UK.
  • 1852 – Calamity Jane was a sharpshooter known as an American frontierswoman who helped the needy & sick people in her fierce ways.
  • 1988 – Jack Paar is a well-known author, actor, radio & television comedian & popularly known as the host of tonight’s show (1957 to 1962)
  • 1939 – Max Robinson was the first African – American news anchor in the United States & also founded the National Association of Black Journalist
  • 1975 – Jodhi May was an actress that was the youngest nominated at Cannes Film Festival for her role in the movie A world apart.

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