This Day in History – March 22

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March 22

History is vast with no beginning or end. It is like an ocean with countless drops of water where each drop of water contributes to the whole. It is difficult to know everything in history but we have to start somewhere right? So why not start today? We have a list of major historical events that happened on this day – March 22. Read on to know more!

Historical events in India on March 22  

March 22
Credits – Hindustan Times

1957 – Saka calendar adopted
India adopted the Saka calendar along with Gregorian

2020 – Daytime Curfew
India put the people under a daytime curfew to curb COVID – 19. The first “Janta curfew” took place in India on March 22, 2020.

Historical Events Around the World on March 22

March 22
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238 – Roman emperor
Gordian I and his son Gordian II are proclaimed Roman emperor

1349 – Jewish massacre
Townspeople of Fulda in Germany massacre the Jews blaming them for the Black Death plague on March 22 1349.

1421 – Battle of Bauge
The battle of Bauge happens where the French defeat the English

1630 – Gambling prohibited
First colonial legislation prohibiting gambling was enacted in Boston

1765 – Stamp Act passed
The first direct British tax on American colonists is organized by Prime Minister George Grenville.

1775 – Cape Flattery explored
Captain James Cook who was an explorer saw the Cape Flattery which is now in Washington State.

1784 – Emerald Buddha moved
With a great ceremony, The Emerald Buddha was moved to its current position in Wat Phra Kaew in Thailand on March 22 1784.

1790 – 1st US State Secretary appointed
Under President Washington Thomas Jefferson becomes the first US Secretary of State.

1809 – Swedish throne
Charles XIII succeeds Gustav IV Adolf to the Swedish throne on March 22 1809.

1829 – Borders of Greece established
The 3 protecting powers Britain, France and Russia establish the borders of Greece

1841 – Starch extraction method patented
A method for alkali starch extraction was patented by Orlando Jones in the US which was applied to corn later.

1861 – First US nursing school
The first US nursing school was chartered on March 22 1861.

1872 – Sexual Equality in employment
Illinois in US became the first state to require sexual equality in employment.

1873 – Emancipation day in Puerto Rico
Slavery was abolished in Puerto Rico and it is celebrated as the Emancipation Day

1888 – English Football League
English Football League was established on March 22

 1903 – Niagara falls run out of water
Niagara falls run out of water because of drought.

1914 –  First scheduled airlines
The St. Petersburg – Tampa Airboat Line became the world’s first scheduled airline

1917 – New government of Russia
The USA recognizes the new government first before the other nations could

1935 – Blood test for evidence
Blood tests became authorized as evidence in court cases in New York on March 22 1935.

1941 – American actor in military
James Stewart was inducted into the army and became the first major American movie star to wear a military uniform in the Second World War.

1946 – First rocket left the earth’s atmosphere
The first rocket left the earth’s atmosphere and went about 50 miles above it,

1960 – Patent for lasers
Arthur Schawlow and Charles Townes were granted the first patent for lasers.

1963 – First Beatles album
“Please please me” the first-ever Beatles album was released on March 22 1963.

1972 – Equal Rights Amendment was approved in US Congress
Equal Rights Amendment was approved in US Congress but it still hasn’t been ratified

1988 – President’s veto override in US
President Reagan’s veto of the sweeping civil rights bill was overridden by the US Congress.

1993 – Intel’s new technology
The Pentium – Processor (80586) 64 bits-60 MHz – 100+ MIPS was introduced by Intel.

1994 – Tim McGraw’s 2nd studio album released
The album of the year 1994 “Not a moment too soon” BY Tim McGraw was released and this was his second studio album.

2009 – Volcano eruption in Alaska
Mount Redoubt a volcano in Alaska began erupting after a prolonged period of unrest.

2012 – Fire on Mount Kenya
A massive fire devoured thousands of hectares of ancient forests and threatened wildlife on Mount Kenya.

2013 – My Chemical Romance broke up
The famous American rock band My Chemical Romance announced their break up on March 22 2013.

2017 – Jesus’ tomb reopens
The tomb of Jesus which was in restoration reopened in Jerusalem

2018 – Tariffs imposed on Chinese import in US
US President Donald Trump imposed tariffs on Chinese import worth $60 billion.

2020  – Iran refuses American help
The Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei refused the American COVID- 19 help referring to the conspiracy theory that it was manufactured by US.

List of Birthdays

  • 1212 – Emperor Go- Horikawa of Japan
  • 1869 – Emilio Aguinaldo – The first president of the Philippines was born in Kawit, Philippines
  • 1894 – Surya Sen – Also known as Master Da, an Indian activist for independence was born in Chittagong, British India. He was a part of the Chittagong armoury raid.
  • 1931 – William Shatner – Canadian author, director and actor who worked in the famous Star Trek was born in Montreal, Quebec.
  • 1941 – Billy Collins – Famous American poet and the poet laureate of the United States in 2001-03 was born.
  • 1948 – Andrew Lloyd Webber – English composer who worked with Phantom of the Opera and cats was born in New York.
  • 1976 –Reese Witherspoon – Famous American actress was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. She has worked in famous movies like Legally blond, Sweet Home Alabama etc.
  • 1982 – Constance Wu – Famous Taiwanese – American actress was born in Richmond, Virginis. Her recent movies include Crazy Rich Asians, Fresh off the boat etc.

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