This Day in History- September 8

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This Day in History- September 8-01

Did you know that Naomi Osaka became the first-ever Japanese tennis player to win the Women’s US Open Championship on 8th September or that in 1967, the UNESCO celebrated International Literacy Day for the first time? Every day is packed with diverse events and celebrations. Let’s explore the international events that took place on this day in history- September 8!

What Happened in India on September 8?

  • 1959: Legality of McMahon Line was challenged
    The Chinese official, Mr. Chou Enlai in a letter to Indian Prime Minister, Nehru dated 8th September challenged the legitimacy of the McMahon line.
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  • 1965: Operation Dwarka
    On 8th September 1965, Pakistan launched Operation Dwarka aka Operation Somnath to attack the Indian coastal town of Dwarka. 
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  • 1960: Feroz Gandhi passed away
    Feroz Gandhi, a prominent Indian freedom fighter and politician passed away on this day in history- September 8. He was married to Indira Gandhi, India’s first female Prime Minister.
  • 1972: Vijay Singh Chauhan sets a record at Munich
    Vijay Singh Chauhan, an Indian athlete, and Aisa’s Iron Man set a record for the decathlon by 7378/7306 points at Munich. 

What Happened Around the World on September 8?

september 8
Source: World History Encyclopedia
  • 1129: King Richard I was born
    King Richard I of the British Monarch was born on this day in history. He was fondly known as Richard Lionheart and considered one of the most chivalrous medieval kings.
  • 1429: Paris attacked by Joan of Arc
    During the Hundred Years of War, Joan of Arc led the siege of Paris to overthrow the Duke of Burgundy for King Charles VII.
  • 1941: Siege of Leningrad
    On 8th September, Nazy German and Finnish army began the siege of Leningrad, a city in the Soviet Union that lasted 900 days.
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  • 1952: Universal Copyright Convention
    Universal Copyright Convention was held on 8th September in Geneva, Switzerland, and attended by over 30 nations, including the newly independent India.
  • 1960: Psycho was released
    The American classic Psycho was released in the USA on 8th September 1960. The movie was made by Alfred Hitchcock and is considered oen of the greatest psychological thrillers ever.
  • 1966: The first Star Trek episode was aired
    The Man Trap, the first Star Trek episode was aired on 8th September 1966 in America at 8:30 PM.
  • 2003: Leni Riefenstahl died
    Leni Riefenstahl, the infamous German filmmaker, and director died on this day in history. During the 1930s, she produced Nazi propaganda films and worked closely with Hitler to make these movies.
september 8 leni
Source: BBC
  • 2018: Naomi Osaka first Japanese female to win a Grand Slam
    Naomi Osaka, the Japanese tennis player defeated Serena Williams in a controversial 2018 US Open – Women’s singles final that took place on 8th September 2018.
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Famous Birthdays

september 8 asha
Source: Wikipedia
  • 1933: Asha Bhosle
    Asha Bhosle, the Indian playback singer was born on this glorious day in history. She has been a prominent member of the Indian music industry since 1943.
  • 1943: Bernie Sanders
    The famous USA politician and  U.S. Representative, Bernie Sanders was born on September 8 in Brooklyn, New York.
  • 1971: Martin Freeman
    The famous British actor, Martin Freeman was born on this day. He is known for his award-winning performances in The Hobbit and Sherlock series.
YouTube: Vanity Fair
  • 1979: Pink
    Pink, the famous American singer, and songwriter was born today. She was named amongst the Pop Songs Artist of the Decade to watch by Billboard in 2009.
  • 1987:  Wiz Khalifa
    The American artist and rapper was born on September 8th in North Dakota and is considered one of the most popular rappers in America.

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